Free advertising hacks for Traffic ad bar advert exchange

Advertising hacks

There are many free ad posting websites and exchanges online but does anyone want to click on ads all day, well here are some hacks to reduce your clicking and still get traffic using Traffic ad bar.

What is Traffic ad bar?

Traffic Ad Bar is a FREE traffic exchange that sends real traffic to your website. The cool thing about this exchange is that the more you click on others websites the higher the site will rank. The higher it ranks the more traffic you will receive. But as I mentioned, who wants to be clicking all day. Well, fortunately I have a few hacks that will get you more that will push you up the rankings and more views that will also push you up the rankings. Both hacks and completely passive and need nothing more than set up and for get.

However, if you are not with Trafficadbar yet, the first thing to do is join, so click on the button below to join for FREE.


What are Free advertising hacks?

A hack in regards to online marketing is a cheat or a work around that gains the marketer something extra toward their business. It is a way of finding the edge on your competitors by doing something different. This could be narrowing your niche, building relationships or collaborating or in our case by working smarter not harder by using a few easy hacks.

The two hacks I have been using for some time are utilizing Klixion and CashJuice. These sites are both completely free with no need to upgrade or anything that will cost you money.

How to use Klixion to increase Traffic ad bar click rank for free

This is such a cool hack and one that does not become clear for a few days when you notice your ranking has improved and you are getting many more hits than before.

But what is Klixion?

It is one of the best autosurf website exchanges online. This autosurfer will give your link endless traffic from global business and individuals. When you use the button below you will receive 5000 bonus points which will give you 5000 hits to your choosing website.

Anyway, the first step is to subscribe to Klixion on the button below.


How does the hack work?

At this point you should have already subscribed to Trafficadbar and Klixion, if not do so now.

Below I am going to set out instructions that will take you through the whole process. You will only need to do this one time per website url.

  1. Open your Trafficadbar and sign in.
  2. On the left side bar click on “Websites” and then scroll down and click on “Your website”.
  3. It should open up on the page you add your websites (You can add the maximum of 5 sites with the free subscription)
  4. Click on “Add a website”.
  5. Add your URL, Title, two Ad lines, your preferred language and countries if you want. Then click “Save” (You can be more targeted if you feel you need to)

Great, you have completed your first ad on the exchange.

The next stage I need to explain why you are doing what you are doing. As I said, this ad exchange has a ranking system that rewards users who click more ads, so that is how we get more clicks by using Klixion.

  1. Return to your recently created advert.
  2. Click on the ad panel. (If you only have one it should be called “This is your primary URL” and be yellow)
  3. If you scroll down you will see a URL that looks something like this. Note: This is an example:
  4. Copy and paste the URL of your ad into your browser. The URL will change slightly.
  5. Open your Klixion account.
  6. Click on “Add Site”
  7. Add your site’s details in the form remembering to add your site URL from Traffic ad bar and click “Add”.
  8. Return to the home page and click on “Surf Now!”

You can do this same hack in solo ads, free ads or even adding it to your newsletter.

Link CashJuice to Traffic ad bar and get a 1000 bonus points

CashJuice is a platform for online and digital marketer. Its main role is to create a community of experts. This is achieved by people new to online marketing being able to interact and discuss online marketing methods with people who have been doing this business for a while. Also, it is quite a good link exchange.

However, the reason we are interested in joining the CashJuice community is because it is FREE and we can gain 1000 bonus points in Trafficadbar. This is not a one off bonus, you will get 1000 points every time you click on an advert shared by CashJuice on Traffic ad bar.

So, first things first, click on the button below and join CashJuice. 


How to set up this hack using CashJuice?

  1. If you haven’t already subscribed to CashJuice.
  2. Open your CashJuice account.
  3. Click on “The Plan” (Left sidebar)
  4. Ignore the prompting to create an advert.
  5. Click on the red button at the bottom of the page. (Click here when you’ve added your CashJuice ad) 
  6. Click on the red button. (Connect)
  7. Authorization Request to link up with CashJuice in Traffic ad bar.

You can of course use CashJuice and create your own posts on their platform for FREE and network with others on the site. However, in my opinion, the biggest benefit for joining CashJuice is getting points for Ad bar.

Traffic ad bar

Final words about these advertising hacks.

These two hacks have the ability to save you time and energy so it doesn’t allow you to do nothing. Work is always required when using a link exchange, but the goal is to gain more hits on your sites and these hacks do that very well. In addition, once you have set everything up you do not need to do it again.

If this hack sounds like a plan, get started today by subscribing to Traffic ad bar now by using the button below.