Easy startup businesses starts with a VeloVita presentation

Some of the best startup business ideas come from creativity and experience and one of those phenomenal companies are VeloVita

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Starting any business is a hard work and more so if you are a sole trader. Helping my wife many years ago to setup her riding school was the reality check for me. The main pressure was the amount of money she had loaned and the impact it had on our family. In addition, the hours she was working outweighed her income by far. Yes, I fully understood that in the beginning there was a lot of work required to be successful, nevertheless in six month it was all over. The riding stable was closed and the horses were sold.

We both learnt a lot from the experience, mainly, running a business is tough.  The main reason for me was that running a traditional business for a layman means taking loans, renting properties and buying stuff needed for your business. That is before you even get paid.

That was the point in my life that I said, there must be another solution to making money rather than starting a traditional bricks and mortar business.


Is there any easy startup businesses for the inexperienced?

It has been some year since I realized the power of the internet in regards to making money. Social media and social selling has just created a larger forum to work from, allowing the novice to participate. The main concern for most people looking to embark on a journey into running a business is what type of business should they start?

Well, in my opinion, unless you have a skill that someone wants to buy from you are a premium don’t start a traditional business. The main reasons are:

  • You have no skills to sell, so you need to learn new skills to run your business
  • You will need to take a loan, so you are already at a loss
  • You will need to rent an office or workshop, so more outlay
  • You will need to make money from day one, this is very unlikely unless you have customers or clients waiting for your service
  • Success is very low and when your business goes bust you are still left with a loan and bills to pay

It is hard enough building a established business where you have skills and knowledge of the industry. Trying a build a startup from day one needs a special kind of talent that most of us do not have.

Easy startup businesses

What is the alternative to the traditional business model?

There are many hot new business ideas that fit the criteria that allows the individual to make money by running a business. When I am reviewing businesses I am looking for a few markers that tell me that it is worth passing on this information to other.

Business models for the low cost startup is:

All of these business models have one thing in common.

  • They are affordable
  • There is no loans needed
  • There is no office space
  • Most importantly, you can learn while you earn

Fortunately, I have been reviewing home based and online businesses for some years and have been able to feel when a new product or business is going to be a success. Unfortunately, all of these business models still require work. In fact it requires as much work as any other business, the only difference is that you have relieved yourself of a large loan and crippling costs.

What are the most successful small businesses?

If you are wondering why I started the second part of this article with a list of the most successful business it is in someway related to how VeloVita share its business and products. It also allows you see what is possible in online and social selling. The new reality is that we are all online and so it is not surprising that the top three small businesses are internet related. 

  1. Blogging: If a blogger is promoting around 200 affiliate programs he can make over $80,000/month which is a profit margin of over 92%
  2. Online Courses and Coaching: If you know something that others do not, no matter how much of a niche it is then there is money in it.
  3. eCommerce: There is so much money working online, you can be a online seller, posting and selling wholesale products online, then simply send the shipping information to the wholesaler

Online and social selling is here to stay, so how you use this new found knowledge will be the difference between success and failure in any direct sales business like VeloVita.  

Does VeloVita have some innovative business ideas?

One of the most interesting low cost business ideas with high profit is a startup called VeloVita. What I like about VeloVita is there realization that the entrepreneur is the most important element to the success of their company. They seem to have grasped that many direct sales companies take the same path by disturbing the income flow of the distributor. Many entrepreneur working with direct sales companies find that early success becomes short lived and disappointment sets in.

VeloVita is set to change the narrative so the entrepreneur is the key figure in the company from the bottom up. This allows everyone regardless of goals and needs to use the company and their products for the benefit of themselves and their families. Any good business relationship needs everyone to be happy with the deal on the table and VeloVita tries to achieve that premise. 

To do this VeloVita offers a profitable compensation plan, FREE online training and a fantastic media package in its backoffice. This allows members the opportunity to simply share the products, learn about the products and the business and make money fast.

Are VeloVite’s nootropics products cutting edge?

I am guessing you are all asking, what the heck is nootropics?

Well, nootropics is a compound or supplement that enhances cognitive performance and giving us more energy. In addition, it also enhances executive function, including memory, decision-making, and creativity.

When I was first told about nootropics, I was skeptical about everything to do with this type of product. So, only because I was a long term friend of my sponsor, I even tried the product and to my surprise they work and work fast. Then I asked myself, is there a market for nootropics, so doing my due diligent I spoke to a few people and then research nootropics on Google Trends. I found that for the last 15 years nootropics has been consistently trending year on year. (Check the graph below for detail)

Best startup business ideas

Nootropics is also a branch of natural energy drinks, which during my research made $53.01 billion in 2018 with an expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.20% to reach $86.01 billion by 2026. Meaning even if we are able to take a fraction of those profits we are all winners.

VeloVita Brān reimagined

The product is called, Brān reimagined which from their webpage is a well-rounded nootropic with leading-edge nanotechnology for maximum impact to deliver an instant boost to the central control unit of your body – your brain. Amplify your overall wellness and conquer each day!

The great thing about this Brān reimagined is:

  • It is affordable
  • Delivery costs are very low
  • There is a growing customer base
  • And they really work


My first sample of VeloVita’s Brān reimagined made me feel like my mental and physical “battery” went from 10% to 110% within 15 minutes! My focus was sharp all the way through the evening. I even shaved 44 seconds off my fastest 2 mile run in years. It’s refreshing when a product actually does what it claims. I’m a believer – Ron C., Orlando, FL

For more details information sit in on the VeloVita presentation on the presentation button below

YouTube video


Putting the “E” back into easy startup businesses

For those of you reading this article are likely to have searched the internet for other businesses and wondering:

  1. Is this the right business for me?
  2. Is this the right time for me to start a business?
  3. How easy is this startup?
  4. Will I make money?
  5. How much will it really cost?

These are all really great questions, however the first four questions are difficult to answer, because they are subjective and only you will know. This is a business and so there is a risk from the very start, but the risk you do not have is any large financial burden.

Regarding the cost

Depending how much you want to invest in your business, the starting cost for a membership is $49.95 which includes your V-Cloud (Virtual Back Office) and an E-Commerce website for
social selling.

However, if you are feeling that you want to commit yourself far more you can invest in the biggest package called the Ambassador kit. This cost $1,299.00 with the actual value being $1,673.70. This package includes 20 boxes of product, plus 5 free bonus boxes (limited time bonus) and an autographed hardcover book of Organic Networker. V-Cloud membership is included! Earn 20% in Referral Bonuses (only on initial orders) and be one step closer to Associate level.

Of course other kits to choose from, but these are the extremes.

Finally, I fully understand that this may not be for you or even the timing may not be right for you. All I would ask you to do is have an open mind and consider what if. Nobody knows the future and nobody can guarantee success or money. You are the driver of your all your possibilities and responsible for the amount of time you are will to commit. 

  VeloVita presentation

Conclusion to easy startup businesses

As unique business ideas go, VeloVita is one of the best startup on the market. They have taken a niche product and turned it into a global business that direct sales leaders are begging to join. And that is the point, VeloVita are not cohering there membership, they are simply offering an opportunity to be apart of something new that will change the industry. 

If you would like to know more about this great product and opportunity, I would suggest watching the VeloVita presentation on the button on this page. However, if you have any questions click on the learn more button below and I will get back to you asap.