Google keyword ranking system that really works

The key to online success for the best online money earning sites is the ability to attract quality targeted traffic to their pages, but how do they do it?

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I have been working online for many years, but like most people new to the industry I made mistakes. However, everything changed when I read an article about SEO for internet marketers. These marketers were getting their blog content and landing pages onto the first page Google fast.


Can I build top online earning websites with Google Sniper?

It is easy to be skeptical and I defiantly was a non-believer. I hated the idea of paying to access information, but information is power and the ones who had it were not given it away. So, I sucked it up and decided to pay. In retrospect it was the best money I have ever spent.

What does Google sniper teach us about Google keyword ranking?

Targeted traffic is the key to success in this online method. Without the right type of people viewing your blog content your business is going nowhere. So, having the right audience will increase your sales.

In addition, it will help you target the right audience. Then convert that traffic will convert into prospects and customers. If you are reading this page you may already have a product you are trying to market. I believe that Google sniper is going to be the solution you have been looking for.

Top online earning websites

Does Google keyword ranking help with SEO?

Great keywords are nothing without placing them in the best possible places in your content. Splashing words here and there has the opposite effect by over-optimizing your content hence down ranking your landing page or blog. The is a few handy tools that can be used to stop over-optimizing your content and maximizing your google keyword ranking.

Of course, many internet marketers like to use pay-per-click adverting to gain traffic, but I personally prefer the organic methods. My main preference for organic traffic is because its free and its passive in it marketing method. I know there is no guarantee you will gain any sales, but PPC does not guarantee sales either, but you still need to pay for the service.

Organic traffic and Google sniper

This is where the magic happens. I can remember when I first started using the Google Sniper methods and how surprised I was that it worked. I had been blogging for a while, trying all the bad tricks, while spamming the hell out of everything. Finally, I had to reassess the situation, because it just didn’t work.

So, what does work?

Most internet marketing professionals will agree that the main concept to rank your landing page or blog is on and off page optimization and keyword research.

But, what does that mean?

The Google sniper method explains that any keyword will not do. You need the right keywords to help your page rank. The main concept is that the right keyword is one with the highest search ratio and lowest competition. This in theory will get you into the top positions in most search engine results.

A marketing friends of mine had tried this method without subscribing to Google sniper and failed badly. What he did not fully understand was that the concept in itself is too wide. Google sniper teaches you how to find the right words beyond the basic concept. In other words we are looking for the golden egg among keywords.

The off page optimization method

To make your site relevant in the eyes of the web crawlers, backlinking is a must. The backlinks can be social media pages, blogs, forums in fact any place that the your favorite web browser will index outside of your domain.

The great thing about Google sniper is that there is no need to create any external backlinks or do any off page optimization of your sites. It is really possible to rank your content without backlinking the world.

Google keyword ranking

What will we learn from the Google sniper training platform?

Great training material

This training platform offers a massive amount of educational material in PDF and video explaining step by step how to rank your website or blog. This is a tried and tested method of optimizing your web based projects founded in 2009 with regular updates until it latest manifestation – Sniper 3.0 The main concept of Google sniper is to help and support the marketers to build sniper sites that will rank on the first page in Google. The web based algorithm change all the time, so this system is updated and developed to be consistent with all the web directory’s.

New material

Google sniper is offering new and interesting educational material all the time such as the Bulletproof manual, Monthly webinars, One on one support and Process mapping. The key to success online is to keep up to date with all new developments online.

How to make money on Google sniper?

This is an interesting question, because Google sniper will allow you to develop and create multiply income streams outside of Google sniper. Once I had started implementing the ideas shared on this platform and creating my niche content everything changed. All of my sites started to rank higher and were receiving more traffic. Even my network marketing business went through the roof. I could not believe it.

My expectations were very low. I was hoping to make a few hundred dollars a month. How wrong I could be. This platform shared with me all the trick and ideas to put my products in front of the people who wanted to buy them. This system is so passive that I hardly feel that I am doing anything.

The fact is that at the start it is a lot of work, but once your sites are up and running you don’t need to update them for sometimes years. Most of my niche pages are still on the first page on all the search engines. This means finally I can run my business on auto-pilot and make a passive income 24 / 7.

Why is it important that top online earning websites are on the first page of Google?

When we search for something in search engines we get 10 results on the first page. A keyword is used to defines the the subject, topic or information we are looking for. Each result will be determined on the site speed, backlinks, the words used in the content and various other factors.

So, what does that all mean?

It simply means that if you can get your landing page, blog or social media page in the top ten you are in the best part of the city. This will be the greatest opportunity to advance your internet business into overdrive.

Once you have succeeded to get your webpage in one of the top ten places, the next goal is to stay there. So, beyond optimizing your content, is your content interesting and informative? This will influence the longevity of your website and how long it stays in the top 10. So to become one of the best online money earning sites, you need to take a all round approach and not just fill you site up with keywords. Google will soon notice that your webpage is over-optimized during a regular keyword ranking scan.

However, the main importance is that, if your webpage is number one in a search you will get 42% of the traffic. However, if you are second you will only get 11% and third 8%. This is a large difference, which means that everything you can do to improve your position is vital for online success.

Success meaning, more views, more leads, more prospects, more sales in your untapped niche markets and finally more money in your pocket.

After I have built my site and shared it with the world how will I know my pages rank?

You can us a free rank checker to check if your efforts have come to fruition. There are many available, but at the moment I am using a very simple site called, Check PageRank. Also, a statcounter will be useful to see the daily action on your sniper webpages.

Google PageRank is one of the methods used to determine a page’s relevance or importance. Important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. A PageRank is measured from 0 – 10.

How much does Google Sniper cost?

At the moment, this training platform is available for only 47$. I personally believe that for the information, you should be paying a lot more. However, I am only the reviewer not the owner. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee which is a protection for the buyers who may not really understand what they are purchasing.


My final word on what Google sniper offered me. It was the opportunity to take control of the lead generating system by creating a niche. Google Sniper helped me see that there was many different niches out there that would generate leads for me prime business. Every new niche create a new stream of income to my business and the end game called success.

If you are serious about being successful online then Google Sniper will give you the edge on the competition. I know it works because I have been using their methods for a long time with no regrets. It is a matter of faith, but I am glad I just said to myself, “What have I got to loose?”

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