3 free lead generating software platforms you must have

If nothing else the pandemic of 2020-21 has shown us how important the internet in for our personal sanity and the ability to make money for home by using the many free lead generation tools online

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If anyone started a home business just before the pandemic they know what I am talking about. They need to speak to people and discuss with customers about what product or service they are offering, but unfortunately, the various lock downs and restrictions have prevented this from happening.

Of course, regardless if you are running a traditional home business or one of the many network marketing / affiliate marketing business lead generation is the key. In the past we may have taking the names and addresses of our customer and periodically sent them a message or letter reminding them that you were still out there. However, the methods used today differing from the past mainly because they are expensive, time consuming and relatively ineffective.

So, what has changed?

The internet is the main reasons, but also the lead generation technologies that have come with them. Online today there are a mass of very effective and free lead generation websites that will help you begin your journey. 

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Lead generating software

3 of the best free lead generation tools online

Below I have laid out my top 3 free and free lead generation tools. I am using all of them to some extent, meaning I am using some of the platforms more than others depending on the benefits they give me. Some of the platforms offer more than lead generation tools such as landing pages, popups systems, free adds, free to sale eBooks.

In third place


LeadsLeap is a lead generator system. If you have a blog or a website it allows you to drive traffic to them for free. There are lots of different tools available, but not all of them are FREE and that is why it is in third place. 

Here are the free lead generation tools LeadsLeap offers:

  • List management system (or commonly known as autoresponder)
  • Landing page builder
  • Popup generator
  • Link tracker and rotator

As I already mentioned, even though these are free and very worth while tools to build your business, there are also paid versions that many of the members use. In addition, LeadsLeap is updating and upgrading their tools and services all the time which makes them even more effective.

For more details about LeadsLeap and their additional services, click on the button below:

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In second place

This was a difficult decision for me. I like both of these next platforms. They both have the good and bad points, but finally, I decided on Leadskimmer coming second.  

What is Leadskimmer?

Leadskimmer is a simply but effective lead generating software. The system is fundamentally FREE, however there are a few interesting upgrades worth considering once you realize how well the system works. In addition, Leadskimmer allows you to integrate you own auto reply system such as aWeber which helps streamline the whole process of adding the lead to your existing mailing list. There is even a possibility to create an income, which for some may be worth considering. 

LeadSkimmer is a high-converting front end lead generating software funnel that converts traffic into leads. This has become one of the most effective ways of building your own warm leads list quickly and comprehensively.

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In first place

This I believe is the best free lead generation tools platform online

Even though the name says “MLM gateway” it can be used for anything beyond network marketing regarding lead generation. 

The main reason this platform is number one is even though you can upgrade all the tools are free to use. This starts from MLM gateway being:

  • FREE to join 
  • FREE to create very effective and high ranking business announcements
  • FREE advertising using their point system
  • FREE to contact other marketers again using their point system

 It is even possible to earn money from enrolling others into your downline if they purchase any advertising or upgrade their account.

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Best free lead generation tools


During the years I have been working online or with a network marketing business I have realized one thing. Success is all about having the edge over the competition and being willing to do what other will not do. This includes using all the tools that are available to you online. Having that edge will make a difference.  

If you would like to understand more about the best lead generation methods online check out my eBook, “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. The eBook will take you through some of the most effective methods today including some additional free lead generation tools that may interest you.

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