List Infinity reviews – Viral email list building strategies

List Infinity reviews

If you are building an online business you are constantly searching for new ways of generating leads with viral email list building strategies, so does List Infinity work and is it worth joining?

The creator of this unique lead building system is an internet marketer called Derrick Van Dyke. He is a very successful internet marketer with a history of making money online. 

So, regardless if you are an affiliate marketer, online marketer or network marketer the money is in the list. So, having lead generation strategies that automate your lead generating system as well as promoting your existing business opportunity or product is going to be interesting. However, if there was a system that also paid you for every new lead you made directly into your PayPal account you would be even more interested.

Well, List Infinity offers such a lead generating system.


Having email list building strategies that work is the only solution for success

I realized many years ago that without a list building system I was never going to build any home based business.

And that is a fact!

Without customers, prospects or simply people discussing what you are doing you have no chance of making money. 

So, if you are sitting in front of your PC waiting for something to happen, you will be waiting a long time. 

However, the interesting aspect of this new lead generating system is that it pays you to build your list.

Yes, I know, I was a bit shocked myself, yes, List Infinity pays its affiliates to recruit leads for their mailing list, which is so cool, because it means you are getting paid twice. 

  1. You get paid when you add someone to your mailing list.
  2. You get paid every time someone purchases your products or joins your business opportunity and builds a business.

What is List Infinity all about?

Well, basically, List Infinity is a viral lead generation system that pays affiliates a very good commission for new leads and membership upgrades. However, that is just the beginning, List Infinity has a lot more to offer than that.

Firstly, you can join for free so you can use and research more about this lead generation software and how it works in real time.


Getting the inside track with List Infinity

I am guessing that many of you would like to know more even before you sign up for the FREE.

So, once you have signed up for FREE you have three choices which is:

  1. Sign up and stay as a FREE member
  2. Upgrade to a Starter member ($10)
  3. Upgrade to a Pro member ($100)

List Infinity FREE membership

Personally, I upgraded straight away to Starter membership, however, the FREE membership still has lots to offer.

As a FREE member you can still use the marketing system and get online sales. However, it does not allow you to make repeat sales. To do that you will need to upgrade to Pro.

Below is the full list of what is available in the FREE membership: 

  • The ability to build a massive and profitable mailing list for FREE
  • Upgrade at anytime to a starter member or pro member earn top commissions for sales
  • 13 viral lead capture pages that can be integrated into your own autoreply system
  • 100% FREE autoreply system – Click here for details
  • 60 ready made Facebook posts
  • 30 ready made lead generating posts
  • 100 Facebook groups that allow FREE advertising
  • Free traffic systems
  • Solo ad secrets
  • Solo ads rolodex
  • Private Facebook group

 As you can see you get a lot for simply joining the FREE membership.

Is there anything else you will need?

Really there is only two things you will need and that is:

  1. An autoreply system
  2. A way of getting paid

Setting up your List Infinity program

There are many autoreply systems available to you

  • AWeber – top option
  • LeadsLeap
  • GetResponse
  • TrafficWave

The main reason for recommending AWeber is because it is easy to integrate into the List Infinity system. So, if you are not using AWeber yet, get their 100% FREE subscription that allows you to have a list of up to 500 leads.

aWeber FREE Subscription 

There are also a few payment options which makes the payment process very easy. 

My personal recommendation is using PayPal, but there are other option such as credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, for those of you who want to use cryptocurrencies, payments in Bitcoin is not available.

Email list building strategies

List Infinity reviews and the benefits 

Lead Capture Pages for the lazy marketer

For the lazy marketer and lead generator List Infinity is great, because anyone who has had enough of building landing and capture pages for the businesses already knows.

Creating capture or squeeze pages take time!

That is why List Infinity offers FREE 13 ready made Lead Capture Pages as a part of the package.

As I have already mentioned a very natty aspect of List Infinity is the ability to integrate your mailing system such as aWeber into List Infinity. This means that you are able to build your mailing list fast. The List Infinity system in conjunction with their Lead Capture Pages will automatically send your email campaigns to all your subscribers. In fact, you are able to send anything you want including products or business opportunities. This system is just waiting to make money for you.

This is where it gets a bit exciting because now we are talking about how fast you get paid.

The payment process is really fast, which is quite unusual for such a system. Many I have used in the past pay once a week or some times once a month. List Infinity on the other hand pays instantly.

Yes, I said it, “they pay instantly”, directly into your bank or PayPal account.

Do you get extra leads with List Infinity?

This is a type of viral lead generation platforms, so to create the viral aspect every 5th lead your subscriber gets is passed up to you. This means that you get 20% of all your subscribers’ leads. Yes, of course your upline will get the same deal.


Best free lead generation tools

List Infinity reviews conclusion

Firstly, I would highly recommend this system, because in my opinion it is one of the best free lead generation tools online. It is also worth investing in the $10 starter membership to gain some of the additional benefits.

But, is it for you?

This platform is great for anyone who is struggling to build a mailing list for their business or product sales. So, that included affiliate marketers, eCommerce sites, online marketers and even network marketers.

So, regardless, if you are a newbie or a hardcore marketing pro List Infinity has something to offer. 

Okay, what is the hitch?

The other issue I can imagine is the slim choice of autorelpy mailing systems. It was not an issue for me, because I have been using aWeber for some years, but it could be an issue for others.

Nevertheless, this in my opinion is still the best lead generation system around at the moment, so it is worth checking it out.

For more information about the List Infinity email list building strategies click on the “Learn More” button below and we will send you details.