How does a rephrase tool or sentence rewriter benefit bloggers?

For sometime the online marketer and blogger has understood the power of re-spinning content when they reword a sentence or whole passage in a article, but is it worth the trouble?

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I have been using article spinning methods for some years as well as rewriting content that I have created some years before. In general rewriting and refreshing your content and then re-optimizing it does help with it SEO and ranking. In addition, duplicate content does not rank well in Googles eyes so anything that makes your content unique while at the same time interesting and informative is a positive action. So, like most online marketers, we are constantly updating and rewriting old content in the hope that we can revitalize the message and earn some extra money at the same time. Of course there is situations when an article has no further use, but always check if there is something you can use, meaning never waste content.


What is article rewriting or spinning?

In simple terms article spinning is a writing method employed by online marketers for recreating or upgrading a already writing article or content. The reason vary for spinning old content from an out of date subject to not ranking and being under optimized. Whatever the reason the goal is to make old original content appear to be new. This method is used by online marketers and bloggers to speed up the production process and creation of content on their platforms. Often the marketer will find some content online that discusses the subject they are interest in monitoring via a affiliate company they are work for. The next stage would be to rewrite the content and optimize it.

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Depending how thorough the marketer wants the content to be unique will depend on what method they rewrite the article. There are two workable methods available to the online marketer:

  1. Read the original article and then rewrite it in their own words (Very unique, but lot of work)
  2. Use a text spinning software (Still somewhat unique and a lot faster)

Both methods in theory spin the original content, even if the human method is more like rewriting a sentence at a time. However, they both still replace specific words, phrases, sentences, or even entire paragraphs to create a content.

Why do online marketers want to spin content?

There are various reason why a internet marketer, but predominately to for backlinking or simply updating original content. We also need to consider that a bloggers role is mainly to create interesting and entertaining content that brings traffic to their website or blog. This is how most of us grow our brands and make an income. The downside is that writing articles is time consuming and if you use a writer, also expensive. Many marketers see a automatic content spinner and SEO paraphrasing tool a great asset to making money online.

If you are a online marketer you already understand the amount of time you are using to create original content and articles. So, when we find a method or a tool that reduces the time needed we use it or try it out. Sadly, the spinning method more complex than many imagine. It is not simply pressing a button and the grammar and the context is correct, but it does work if used the right way. Must of us understand how complex it can be to spin a article, it is still easier than rewriting an article ourselves, because this method will monetize their blogs more effectively.

Beyond, rewriting content another reasons marketers take advantage of is using spun content used in backlinking platforms such as Socialmonkee and Socialadr. These backlinking platforms require more than just a single rewrite, the need a method that creates slightly different variation with each spin. This method of spinning is also called Rogeting. Alternatively, if you have a great income building article that you do not want to waste, recreating and spinning the content on a wide range of blogs, IP addresses and social media platforms will give you extra traction product and income. However, a note of warning, over spinning will be noticed, so work smart.

Using a rephrase tool or do it manually?

In the past I have done my own content spinning and even though it is doable it is also very drawn out and a laborious method. The easiest and fastest method of spinning content is to use a text spinning software. The coding method used is for example, if you want to spin the keyword “a box of candy”. The codes used are: [ ] and |. So, if the sentence is “I want to buy a box of candy for my girl friend”. The spinning method would look like this:  I want to buy [a box of candy | a big box of candy | a nice box of chocolates | an expensive box of mints] for my girl friend. Of course, each section of this spin can be changed, but as you can see we have simply paraphrases the sentence to mean the same but not.    

Text spinning software

Are there benefits to using a text spinning software

Some years ago if someone mentioned the word spinning software in relation to online marketing people would be running to the hills. Nowadays, spinning or rewriting software is a broad church, so it could mean downloading a program or something online. In the case of spinning and rephrasing your text we are talking about a simply online system that is easy to use. They are sometime free or at a price depending on the quality of the text spinning software.

The main benefit for me to start using a online spinner was speed. Rewriting my own content takes an hour or so for a short passage of a hundred words as well as many editing hours. When using a professional paraphrasing tool it is possible to have content rewritten in seconds. Once completed, Google will see them as original content hence making backlink building much faster than normal.

The great advantage of article spinning software online is that they are very easy to use. It requires no more that copying and pasting the text into the software’s spinning platform and click the button.

This method is fast, easy and cheap or free.

Negatives aspect of even the best paraphrasing tool

Nothing is perfect

Technology has not got to the stage where a machine can replicate the written word so well that another human would not notice. Of course, spinning tools can rewrite without a problem, but the English language in this case is far more complex that. It may still be considered as original content by Google and Bing, but it would be unreadable by your readers who would realize fast that the content was created by a spinning software. In addition, Google would over time would see that the content was not original and down rank it or remove your blog or webpage from their search engine.

However, not everything is gloomy. article spinning software does have a role if used correctly. This means if you spin a article, check the quality of the content and make any grammatical and wording corrections. Also, try and use your own personally created content or the articles your affiliate company sometimes offers and again check the quality and SEO attributes before using them.

You need to do more than reword a sentence for high quality original content

Over using a article spinning software is the classic mistake for anyone new to content marketing, but like anyone wanting to be successful I learnt from my mistakes. Since then I have striven towards creating high quality original content. I always make sure that the information is as honest and informative as possible and presented in a attractive way. As par of the course, I research the keywords before starting the article to gain the best traction for my blog regarding SEO.

If you are reading the blog page you probably understand something about online marketing and are looking for a solution that allows you to be more productive. As I have mentioned, spinning programs work if you use them correctly, but if you are like me, you like the idea of a free text spinning software or one that is value for money.  You want something that helps you create original content without making a mess of your ranking on Google. In addition, the software, should be easy to use and allow us to recreate written content by bulk, while being understandable by your readers.

These are simply requirement, but as I said earlier, many online article re-writers don’t even get close to that quality needed, even when we are will to layout some money.

Rephrase tool

Are there any text spinning software worth using?

Fortunately, after many years in this industry I have had the opportunity to experience and use many tools and software’s. Some have been good and some are just not worth being even free. However, a spinning and rephrase tool I have used for content backlinks and article rewrites with great success is Content Professor. It is available free, but if used often, I would suggest upgrading and getting the extra tools. Yes, it is unusual for a online spinning platform to perform that well that it is worth using for professionally as a online marketing solution.   

The aspect that put it above the rest are:

  1. Good and consistent results
  2. User friendly interface
  3. Simply to use
  4. Easy to use drop-down menus
  5. You can use keyboard shortcuts if needed
  6. The best spinning software I have found to date

So, yes, it is a great tool. 

Its basic working model is that when you highlight a phrases or words, the system will give options already available in the system. Also, if you are using your own keywords, the system will remember them and offer them to you when you highlight a similar phrase or word. The key to being successful using a spinning platform is to keep it simple and try not to be over-complicated by overwhelming the sentences and making it confusing to the reader. With this system you will get the opportunity to add many phrases or words to one phrase or word making the passages completely different from the original.

Overall, Content Professor is a far better spinning tool than any others on the market. However, if your original article or content is not of a high quality nor will be the rewriting content. 

Best practice when using this rephrase tool

Some will argue that there is no best practice when using a spinning software, but I disagree. I believe in using ever tool available to me to make money online. So, making the rewriting process easier and more effective is completely logical and should be used in that effect. A good example was the change in Google search algorithm. Most online marketers felt the dip in income as well as hits in the search engines. Most of us understood the situation and tried to do something before hand by updating our content. Unfortunately, it was not until we understood what the new criteria was going to be, it was difficult to do much about it. Fortunately for me I was using an optimization plugin for WordPress called SEOPressor that helped me through the worst of it. However, this meant a massive amount of rewrites and updates of almost all my content which is where Content Professor took up the challenge and made the job a lot easier and faster. 

Every text spinning software has it pros and cons, but overall Content Professor is better than all the other one I have try, so to find out more click on the learn more button below.