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Forex Mentor Pro – Number One Forex Trading Site On The Net Have you wasted multiple hours and money trying to find a quick solution to your trading progress? Are you feeling frustrated, tired, and perhaps you have even considered quitting your forex journey? Maybe you are just getting started and are seeking advice, and in that case, you are in luck.

Learning how to trade Forex can give you the freedom to live a life that you want. The freedom that so many are wishing they could have. Being able to work to your own schedule, avoid being told what to do and when to do it and not relying on Governments for hand-outs.

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There was a time when I traded 15 min.charts with lots of trades at the end of the week, red eyes, kids that asked- who is this man in the house over weekends? No life – AND NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE RESALTS that I’m now getting from 4 hour charts and weekly entries.

How did I did it?

I waited for price to come to me. If I take all the things I have learnt from you in the last couple of months – then this one is the main key to forex trading !

My advise to new traders – get a hobby – it will keep you from forcesing trades in those times where you have to sit on your hands. Wait for price to come to your entry. Dont go and look for trades that’s not there. Kill the time by doing something els.

Coming from trading 15min.charts daily – this was one of the big ones for me, to wait………sometimes days for that entry, but good things come to those that wait with results that will put a smile on your face.

I am of for a long weekend of surfing and enjoying life with my family !!

Thank you for a cool week of mentoring Marc and I`am very happy I stumbled upon your web site one day when I was just browsing the Internet !!!

Looking forward to see your Sunday e-mail.

Pierre du Plessis
South Africa
Pierre du Plessis