VeloVita MLM – Velovita Launches with Record-Breaking Conversion Rate

VeloVita MLM – Velovita Launches with Record-Breaking Conversion Rate If you are thinking about a new business, you had better find your patch of beach fast. There is no doubt that when a rare opportunity like this knows on your door deep consideration is needed. I don't necessarily mean that jumping in at the start is the best policy, but when a company is started by people such as Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack you sit up and listen. The gentlemen have lived through decades of the ever-changing direct selling model and gig economy landscape and still been a success.​

As industry experts, and through their many consultations, they noticed that more and more companies were appearing out of nowhere with tools and resources that were either based on yesterdays’ model or non-existent.

The lack of industry-experienced and field experienced company executives or owners is pervasive. It’s one reason why many companies are not able to go the distance to meet distributor expectations and leave many people sadly disappointed. They both agreed that it didn’t have to be that way.

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I tried Bran for the first time and was shocked at how awake and alert I felt. Didn’t feel like a caffeine buzz, no jitters. Just completely alert. It also suppressed my appetite a lot and I felt really good with high energy in the afternoon without having my typical 3pm crash. Excited to try more!
Shawna M., Mechanic Falls, ME