How to become a marketing affiliate and invest online?

Become a marketing affiliate

The world has changed where we have digitized almost everything that can be a virtual product or service so it is not surprising that digital money have their own digital affiliate programs.

Even though affiliate marketing has been around for some years the use of referral marketing to promote digital currencies and exchanges is relatively new. I don’t think anyone is complaining about it because having new products to add to our portfolio is never a bad thing. However, I understand it when I hear that some marketing professionals are skeptical about crypto money in the first place and find it a bit scary about getting involved.

The fact is, if you have been marketing affiliate products in the past the transition into digital currencies is so simple. Many of us have been selling digital products and services in the past and so adding other digital products is really no different. The only real difference is that you are either referring people towards a type of coin or a crypto currency exchange.

For example:

Once someone joins the exchange you are marketing and purchasing some currencies you receive a commission. Depending on the exchange the commission may be in traditional money such as dollars or euros or in a crypto currency.


Does someone need to invest in cryptocurrencies to join digital affiliate programs?

It depends on the exchange or coin you are marketing. I was personally offered the affiliate program before I had even started doing any investments. However, it is likely that if you start selling a dream like cryptocurrencies you will sooner or later want to have a try.

The minimum investment is normally between 10-20 dollars or euros. Some of the more popular currencies such as Bitcoin have a starting price of 100 dollars. However, most exchanges are FREE to join. The main reason is, the security is very strict and so it takes a few days to get everything up and running.

What is the best way to promote crypto digital affiliate programs?

I would suggest that if you have an existing affiliate system that works on other products use it on crypto exchanges. However, if you are yet to have a system try content marketing. This means creating content that has value. So, avoid spamming the hell out of social media. People that surf the internet and search for interesting and informative content that has value to them and the future. If you are offering them information that will improve their lives they will first read it and secondly return and read other content provided by you.

For the complete beginner I would suggest you read “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. It is not really about promoting cryptocurrencies. However it does give the student a affiliate marketing strategy for anyone new to promoting digital and cryptocurrency products and services.


How to become an affiliate marketer without a website?

It is of course very useful to have a hosted blog or website to promote products online. However, as an affiliate you will be given as a part of your subscription package a referral link. A referral link is a unique affiliate URL specific to you. This will allow you to be paid the commission you earn when you become a marketing affiliate

So, in theory you do not need to have your own website, but you will need a unique affiliate URL.

Alternative to hosting your own blog or website

We will talk about promoting as you become a marketing affiliate completely without website. However there is an alternative to spending money on a host. 

There are so many FREE option available today such as blogger, Wix and even WordPress online. The only issue with all of them is that they have limitations. All these blog platform will offer a FREE service. but once you have used it for a while you will realize that you need something extra. 

However, for the beginner, this is a good starting point and once you have the bug you will want to invest in a hosting site with far more options. 

Digital affiliate programs

What is the best method to promote a cryptocurrency exchange without a website?

There are a few methods, but the main one will be using social media platforms. However many social media platforms do not always offer everything an affiliate would need to promote digital money. So, I would suggest a niche social media platform that caters for network marketers, affiliate marketers and cryptocurrency investors. There are over 300000 individuals on this platform searching for new investment and opportunities.

The main reason for suggesting this social media platform beyond what I have mentioned is that everyone on here are entrepreneurs. They all have a business mindset that screams I want to be or I am successful.

The platform is called MLM Gateway. Do not be put off by the name, it is not full of network marketers pitching the next business opportunity. There are others that have joined the platform because they understand that everyone is highly motivated for success.

What does MLM Gateway offer?  

Basically, MLM Gateway is a lead generating system with all the extras you will need if you do not have a website.

Such as:

  • FREE subscription (Free forever and No Credit Card Required)
  • Over 300000 leads (Reach out to targeted leads everyday)
  • Affordable advertising option
  • FREE content marketing system (Write as many articles as you please)
  • Global reach (Reach out to anyone in the world)

For more details about MLM Gateway click on the button below for more details.


How to get affiliate links for a cryptocurrency exchange?

They all have different methods of sharing your unique affiliate link with you, but normally it will be found in your back office or Dashboard. So exchanges will send you originally by email and then late it will be in the exchanges system. 

As a suggest, some affiliate URL’s are not connected to a stacounter. The best method of seeing how you link is doing is by create a short link on for example



We all know its coming, maybe not in our lifetime but soon not having access to a cryptocurrency will be an issue. So making some kind of investment and at the same time making extra money as an affiliate is going to be the smart move.

If you would like to know more about crypto or digital investments or better still become a marketing affiliate. Click on the “Learn More” button below and find out how you can make money referring people to the digital lifestyle.