How to earn money from crypto mining for free and passively?

How to earn money from crypto mining

Crypto mining is not as lucrative as it was in the past and so making money mining crypto has become a different ball game for the home based miner, so is there a solution to maximize your income?

If you have been mining crypto for some time or you have started to take interest in the big question of home mining you are asking, if you can make money from it?

And the answer is yes, but not a lot unless you have a massive mining rig setup.

So, even though cryptocurrency is meant to be a cultural as well as a societal leveller, the money still seems to be in the hands of the 1%. The 1% being the richest in society who already made a large passive and not so passive income already.

So, what about the rest of us?

How much can you earn from crypto mining without investing in a big rig or taking risks?


Use CryptoTab browser and start crypto mining for free

CryptoTab browser is a web browser that while you are online mines a cryptocurrency called Monero (XMR).

However, I don’t want to talk about making money mining crypto with CryptoTab, because in reality you will not earn that much.

The earning power of CryptoTab is the affiliate program that can allow you to earn as much as 36000$ a day.

How does it work?

If you have an understanding of affiliate marketing or network marketing you will also understand this concept. So, I will keep it simple and allow you all to research the CryptoTab affiliate program yourself later on the button below.

When someone subscribes to CryptoTab they also become an affiliate. This simply means that you can ask your family and friends if they want to use the CryptoTab browser. If they do, you will earn a little amount of money from their mining activities. So, in theory you are creating you own crypto mining network pool from others in your downline.

How much can you earn from your affiliates?

The more active miners you can enroll into the affiliate program the more money you will earn. And the more active miners your affiliates enroll the more money you will make.

You will get 15% of the crypto mined by your personally enrolled affiliate miners and 10% of your affiliates active miners. The percentage gets smaller as we go down the levels. (Refer to the chart below for details)

Making money mining crypto

As an example, if you enroll five active users and so does your downline ten levels deep you would have almost ten million in your downline. Of course that would be amazing but unlikely, but nevertheless building a lucrative network pool is not only possible but happening everyday.

What are the best marketing methods for making money mining crypto as an affiliate?

The CryptoTab program offers lots of features and material so you can share this mining platform with others. However, when it comes to sharing this platform with others beyond your social circle it is a different matter.

The two methods or tools I would suggest are:

  • Blogging or content marketing
  • Using free advertising platforms

Blogging or content marketing in making money mining crypto

This is where I take the leaf out of the affiliate and online network marketing handbook. 

The key to a successful blog is to offer your prospects interesting and informative content. In the case of the CryptoTab affiliate program this may include the benefits of mining crypto or how to mine crypto from home. 

Within your blog you should offer the opportunity to add their name and email address to your mailing list. For those interested in using blogging and content marketing methods I would suggest using the highly acclaimed eBook by Steven Jackson called “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. It has everything you will need to know to build a large affiliate downline in CryptoTab.


Free advertising platforms

There are of course many free advertising platforms available online and if you browse through this blog you will find a few more. However the three platforms that seem to work well with the CryptoTab affiliate program are:

  • MLM Gateway
  • Million Leads For Free
  • Traffic Ad Bar

MLM Gateway 

The name implies that this platform is for only network marketers, however this is not completely true. The people that use this platform are an eclectic group of business minded people ranging from affiliate marketers, crypto investors & miners and of course network marketers. 

This platform allows the user to share their businesses with others, do free advertising and even create content. The best thing of all it is FREE to join and there is also an affiliate program worth considering allowing you to earn even more money.


Million leads for free

Million leads for free is a very simple email ad, however you don’t get thousands of emails sent to your email address. You access the email via their platform and you need to read ten emails a day. However, if you read more your advert will gain a high rank and be read far more.

This system has lots of opportunities to purchase solo ads and other lead generation tools.

This platform is worth checking out.


Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar is a FREE traffic exchange that sends real traffic to your website. The cool thing about this exchange is that the more you click on others websites the higher the site will rank. The higher it ranks the more traffic you will receive. Fortunately I have a few hacks that will give you more and push you up the rankings. Click here for the hacks.

If you are not with Trafficadbar yet, the first thing to do is join, so click on the button below to join for FREE.



As a free mining platform and a real way of making money mining crypto CryptoTab browser stands alone. As for the trust issue, I have been paid many times within 24 years with no fuss or bother. However, remember this is crypto mining for free and so to make it worthwhile you need to unitize all aspects of the mining platform and that includes the affiliate program. The more you share CryptoTab browser with others the more money you will make. So sharing CryptoTab should be as important as the mining itself.

If you want to learn more about how to earn money from crypto mining click on the “Learn More” button below.