How to increase immune system and improve energy and focus

Immune system supplements are known to improve our lives including, health, wellness and even our brains function, so is bio-hacking and nootropic the solution or is it just a new trend?

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It is understandable as we get older that we want to improve our health, well-being, have more energy and increase immune system. We are living longer, but unless we are still healthy is there really a point to wanting to live longer. This is of course a philosophical question that we need to ask ourselves. Personally, I believe that unless we are healthy enough to somewhat enjoy life the length is irrelevant. For me there are a few key elements to a happy life and that is independent living, health body and brain and the energy to perform pleasurable activities.  Having the passion to still want to achieve something in life is the essence for living a full and productive existence. If you can maintain all of these elements the aging process will be less of an impact, because life is not about living forever, it is about living better for longer.

There are many options available to the individual to improve their immune system, wellness, brain health and energy such as a better diet, drinking enough water, sleeping enough, reducing stress, probiotics and even immune system supplements to improve energy and performance. 


How to increase immune system

Six immune system booster foods, activities and supplements for health, wellness, brain health and energy

Having a strong immune system is important for our survival as well as for our general health, but what are the signs of a strong immune system? Our bodies express it in many ways and more often than you can imagine. A great example is when an insect bites our skins in the summertime. The first thing you will notice is that the bite will in a short amount of time become red and itchy. That is your immune system working to fight off any germs or bacteria which may occur from the bite.

Below I have made a list of six ways of helping strengthen and support your immune system:

  1. Nutrient rich food: Nobody can argue that eating a nutrient rich diet is going to have a positive outcome to our lives. I am definitely an advocate of keeping the carbohydrates low to help and support a stable sugar level while enhancing energy and focus. This can be achieved by eating fresh vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and meat, while avoiding refined grains, refined sugars and highly processed vegetable oils. As you may have noticed, most of these foods are regarded as the best brain foods available in the natural world.
  2. Drink lots of water: As human being our bodies are comprised of 60% water, so it is logical that we drink enough to keep our bodies and immune system satisfied. It is simply essential to drink apply enough to optimize our health, brain, wellness and energy.
    • How much water is enough? Roughly, if you are 130 lb / 60 kg you should drink 4 pints / 2 litres a day or if you are 165 lb / 75 kg you should drink 5 pints / 2.5 litres a day and so on.
  3. Getting enough sleep: Changing just a feel things in your life will help you sleep. Such as eating healthier, drinking less alcohol and exercising more, but its not just about sleeping it is the quality of the sleep which is important. The better the quality of your sleeping habit, the more energy you will have and a better immune system that can cope with the up and downs of life. Studies have found that the lack of sleep uses up vital nutrients used to repair ourselves instead of fighting bugs. This means that sleep is so important for a healthier life, a healthy brain and a optimized immune system.
  4. Reducing stress: Stress and learning to cope with it is fundamental to living a healthy life. In the distant past we would simply sleep more to reduce stress, but modern society cares little about what worked in the past. The main issue with most of our coping strategies is that we use unhealthy options to help us cope with stress. Our coping strategies comprise of using caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar or grains. These as you may have guessed have a massive impact on our livers, which affect the way nutrients are absorb into the body. This influences the effectiveness of our immune system and the amount of energy we have to achieve our daily tasks. There is no quick fix when coping with stress, because it involves our complex brain, however, a few strategies that are found to work are, keeping active, taking control of your life, connect with people, find me time, avoid unhealthy habits, help other people who are not coping and try to stay positive.
  5. Using probiotics: The use of probiotics in our diet is a good way to promote a healthy gut and immune system. Probiotics can be found in some foods (yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, tempeh, kimchi, sourdough bread and some cheeses), but predominately in tablet form. Our gastrointestinal tract is approximately 25 feet / 5 metres long and is responsible for digesting and absorbing the nutrients in the foods we eat, while also helping eliminate waste products from your body. So, if probiotics foods are unavailable, probiotic supplements are a safe, and effective way to deliver probiotics to our bodies.
  6. Natural energy and immune system supplements: Using the above tools will enhance your life immensely, but unfortunately we are living in the 21st century and every little extra counts. Over the last few years there has been a new understanding about the relationship between our brain and our immune system in relation to our overall health, wellness and energy. This means that if we are balanced in life, the likelihood is we will have a healthier immune system. Each day when we rise from our bed we react depends on the choices we make, such as what we drink, eat and do. And even though our brain only accounts for 2% of our body weight, it consumes about 20% of the energy our body produces. The problem is that optimizing everything including food, sheep and exercise is not always enough. Fortunately, a few years ago, a nootropics solution was found. Nootropics are cognitive technology that acts as an enhancer to play a vital part in our daily diet, even if you think you are healthy. These supplements may improve cognitive function, notably executive actions, creativity, motivation or memory so that you can perform at your utmost peak. While the brain is energized and optimized, it allows our immune system to do the job it was created for, which is to protect us against the bugs and elements in our environment.  Many professional argue that the nootropics industry has created one of the best brain supplements available today.

Best brain supplements

What are the best brain supplements for the 21st century?

One option that is working for many of use searching for the ultimate bio-hack is nootropics supplements. Nootropics are strongly connected with our brains and the natural or synthetic substance that has a positive impact on our minds. This may included supporting our memory function, focus and energy, which in turn helps improve our sense of well-being and ultimately our immune system. Nootropics can be found in foods, supplements, synthetic compounds and even drugs.

Using nootropics that work will improve and support our immune system and give us energy and focus to do the things that we were just too tired to do. 

Best nootropic supplements review

If you are in any doubt, using nootropic supplements is a truly holistic approach to living a happy life as well as having a healthy brain. If we have the energy we can support our physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. If we are tired and finding it difficult to cope with daily life, we end up fulling into unhealthy habits that do not provide any benefits to the whole person.  

But what should you expect from from quality mind enhancing supplements?

They should give: 

  • A boost to my mental energy
  • Improved brain function
  • An instant mental and physical boost
  • An improvement in my athletic performance
  • An enhancement in my positive thinking
  • A feelings of calmness under stress
  • A boosts in my mental performance
  • An improvement in my mental acuity
  • An improvement in focus and alertness

Using nootropic supplements is a great way of promoting our overall health, brain health and function and immune system by given us that extra energy we need. 

Velovita Brān Reimagined review

Sleepless nights and stress is not a great way to live, but I had been doing it for some years. I had no idea that it was something I could change, by simply adding a nootropic supplement to my diet. Many of the nootropic supplement I had reviewed had one thing in common, they were high in sugar. Brān Reimagined took another path and acted on the functions, processes, and complexities of the brain. In doing so, their scientists created a powerful and effective nootropic supplement is a simply 15 ml dosage.

The basic ingredients are green coffee bean (natural caffeine) and 20 mg Niacin. It is like having coffee, but without the jitters, but from my personally use, it is far stronger than coffee and still without the jitters. The main advantage over other nootropic supplements is the use of nanoparticles in nutraceuticals. This simply means the way the supplement is ingested has a higher solubility, stability and improved absorption rate.

As already mentioned, our brain is normally consuming 20% of our body’s energy and more under stress, so the energy demand is high even in a fit and healthy individual. Our brain needs cellular maintenance, repair and regeneration all the time. This is where Brān Reimagined can help to maintain energy and focus during those trying times of the day. At the same time, while our brain is being healthy maintained other aspects of our body such as our immune system is being supported.   

Using the best brain supplements means our bodies are getting 16 nutrients to fuel the most important organ, which is the brain. This product has been designed to immediately boost your mental energy, support positive thinking, improve focus, alertness, mood, and mental acuity. 

At the moment, there is no other nootropic product coming even close to achieving such positive results. 

How does Brān Reimagined work to give us more energy and heightened brain function?

Like most things good for you, they come in three stages:

Alpha Stage

  • Boosts Mental Energy
  • Instant Mental and Physical Boost
  • Improves Athletic Performance

Beta Stage

  • Improves Mood
  • Supports Positive Thinking
  • Supports Feelings of Calmness

Omega Stage

  • Boosts Mental Performance
  • Improves Mental Acuity
  • Improves Focus & Alertness

Immune system supplements


I live a energetic life and need to be on the ball 24 / 7. Since using Brān Reimagined by VeloVita I have found a new burst of energy and focus which has given me an outstanding improvement in brain function. However, it has also influence other aspects of my life such as:

  • Having the energy to make healthy food instead of buying fast food
  • Having the energy to go for a run in the morning before I start work
  • Having the energy to socialize with friends
  • Having the energy to play golf instead fulling a sleep in front of the TV
  • Having the energy to keep my house tidy
  • I have the energy to live the life I want to live

The consequence has been that I am ill less and feel better than I have ever felt before. It is totally amazing, but I am struggling to know what my life would be like without using Brān Reimagined. 

Below, I have added some other testimonies from other people that have used Brān Reimagined


Testimonies about the best brain supplements in the world  

As a former body builder, I am always looking for new supplements. I started taking Brān just a couple weeks ago and I am obsessed. This gives me the extra boost I need without any crash like others I have tried. PLUS, the mental clarity it gives me is an added bonus!

Sam Y, California, USA

My first sample of Velovita’s Bran reimagined made me feel like my mental and physical “battery” went from 10% to 110% within 15 minutes! My focus was sharp all the way through the evening. I even shaved 44 seconds off my fastest 2 mile run in years. It’s refreshing when a product actually does what it claims. I’m a believer

Ron C, Florida, USA

As an owner of two technology companies, I live in a changing world of high stress. I am always looking for an edge, not just in my business, but also in my personal projects and overall lifestyle. After years of research, all roads lead to Mental Energy! Brān ReImagined is one thing that I can do that positively affects all the things that matter. You have to see what its like to have your Brain on Brān!

Earl Mann, Nevada, USA

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