Ultimate list making in network marketing lead generation

List making in network marketing

Increasing multi level marketing leads in your business will be the road to success, however not taking action is going to mean failure, but is there a simple list building solution?

Well, nothing is simple, but there are a few solutions that work very well even if you are a beginner. However, having a solution doesn’t mean that there isn’t a price to pay.

The price is not generally money, but in the educational journey you will need to take to become successful. The reality is that nobody can become a network marketing professional online without learning new skills.

Unfortunately, when new network marketers join a MLM company they wrongly believe that their social circle will be 100% behind them. This seems to make many new distributors reluctant to take any form of training or education. This could be down to the fact that they believe that their family and friends will buy their products and want to be a part of their sales team. In most cases this is not going to happen. This is why network marketing lead generation online is so important for a new network marketer to learn from the very start.

However, for many there is a bigger fear that stops people from trying to become a successful network marketer and that is the fear of failing. This fear can be exasperated by the fear of learning new things in the world of technology and the internet. 

Fortunately, this article offers some understanding that will help the beginner to become a confident and able network marketing pro online.   


Why is list making in network marketing a global event?

A question I often hear from people interested in joining a network marketing business is, “What is the saturation point in my area?”

  • Firstly, you are thinking locally, when you should be thinking globally.
  • Secondly, not all distributors in your choosing company are going to be serious about running their business. In many cases they may be working very part-time or even just enjoy the products and sell nothing to others.
  • Thirdly, it is almost impossible to saturate an area with one company.

In addition, it is not about who you bring into your business or who you sell the products to. It is about who your downline brings into the business and sell their products.

It is in the name, “network marketing”.

You are building a network and with the advancement of the internet this network will inevitably go global. And when your business goes global it will expand and create a massive income for you fast.

This gives the network marketer two simple marketing choices, either:

  1. Only build your business locally and hope that you have a team member who see the advantage of building a global business.
  2. Or be proactive and build a global business online from the very start.

How do I create a network marketing list globally?

There are various methods that can be used in network marketing lead generation. These include blogging, content marketing, social media marketing or even using MLM social media platforms such as MLM Gateway or APSense.

Arguably, the most effective method is blogging. It is easy to set up, it is affordable and you can build relationships with a global audience. The other advantage with blogging is the ability to automate your business allowing your prospects to make a passive decision whether or not network marketing is for them.

Increasing multi level marketing

Where can I get a network marketing prospect list template for list making online?

There is of course lots of information online, but one of the best and most concise eBooks was written by Steven Jackson last year. This eBook is called “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. Unlike other eBooks about network marketing which seen to be more philosophical than practical. This one gives a practical guide on how to build your business online. The step by step method takes the student network marketer through 14 steps and 27 tasks. As the newbie completes each task they become more confident in their abilities. The goal of this eBook is to take the reader on a journey of discovery in the world of online network marketing. And then finally enable them to do lead generation independently from their social circle.


Should I create a network marketing contact list of my social circle?

If I was a traditionalist network marketer I would tell you to start your business by writing a list of names of all the people you know. 

However, I am not a traditionalist. So, I am more likely to tell you that developing new skills will attract people to your business. The reason is because you have become an authority in the field of network marketing online. You will notice that as your business grows more of your family and friends will want to know what you are up to. This is the time in my opinion you start reaching out to your social circle. You will be more confident and will be more able to answer questions without needing to be ambiguous about what you are doing. This is a major issue for many beginners who begin by faking it before making it.

One argument I get from the traditionalist network marketer is that I am a specialist, as though that was bad thing. Regardless, how you work in network marketing you will need to learn new skills. With online marketing skills you will be able to transfer them onto other part of your life and careers when needed.  



Having a system for increasing multi level marketing leads cannot be underestimated. Online lead generation in network marketing is like an iceberg. The mass of people on the internet that will read your blog content you will never know. This is because they are way below the water line and passing through. However, many will return to your blog and subscribe to your mailing list, follow your blog or contact you in person. These are the people who are above the waterline. Your goal is to attract these prospects to the tip of the iceberg by create interesting and informative content. If your content is interesting enough they will be the ones that join your business and become a part of your team.

The advantage working online is that once everything is set up, the whole process can be done without moving a finger. And for those who inspire to become digital nomads, living life on the road with your laptop could be your dream.

And that is why online list making in network marketing is so cool!

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