How to mine Bitcoin from home for free in the next 5 minutes

Mine Bitcoin from home

We are all living in interesting times, but one of the most interesting parts of it is the introduction of Bitcoin mining and the ability to mine it for free from home

Word that comes to mind when I think about mining Bitcoin from home is freedom.

Bitcoin has created a leveling in society that allows almost anyone with even a mobile device to mine Bitcoin. This means that if you own a PC, Laptop or if you are willing to invest in a Bitcoin miner you can mine Bitcoin from home for free.


What you should know before you start mining Bitcoin

When I first started mining Bitcoin I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I realized fast that I really needed to understand what Bitcoin mining meant for someone new to cryptocurrency.

The first thing I learnt was that mining is not limited to Bitcoin and arguably is not the easiest coin to mine. There are many other coins available for mining with your computer and even using a Bitcoin mining app for your mobile device.

Such as:

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Monero (XMR)

The other thing that is vital is to understand that there are three elements needed to exist to have a proof-of-work system (PoW) for your choosing cryptocurrency to have value.

They are:

  • A hash algorithm (function) to resolve a kind of mathematical riddle.
  • Its ability to transform data.
  • An encryption key, which is on a valid block in the blockchain.

Once these three elements come together a transfer of funds can be made. Once a transaction is completed a small payment is made to the miners cryptocurrency account.

A simple analogy for mining Bitcoin is that the payment made to your blockchain is a small commission for allowing financial transactions to happen during your mining activities. This means that it is possible to mine Bitcoin on any device that can be connected to the internet.

However, if you are new to cryptocurrency, keeping to mining more traditional coins such as Bitcoin is the best option.


Learning how to mine bitcoin at home for free

Now you have the basic theory of mining Bitcoin the next stage is how to do it.

There are various technologies that allow you to mine, but a few things you will always need are a computer and an internet connection including a cheap power source. I don’t believe you need to be a computer guru, but you will need a little knowledge and the biggest computer you can afford.

Even though you can start mining on any company and frankly I would suggest having a go with whatever you have at home. When you have tried it once and find it works, consider upgrading your hardware. The bigger your computer the more money you will make.

How profitable is it to mine Bitcoin from home?

Well, it depends on a few important factors.

The main factors are the quality and size of the graphic cards and processor. The gaming computer has both of these in abundance, so if you have an old gaming PC sitting around doing nothing, utilizing it would be a profitable option.

However, as a solo miner using only a PC you are not going to make lots of money. Even if you can mine some coins you will not make much of a profit if you consider paying for the internet and electricity.

The key to future Bitcoin profits from home is either using mining pools, cloud mining or affiliate programs.

Mining pools

A mining pool is a collaboration. It is so much easier to mine and profit from Bitcoin when there is a team of computers rather than one solo PC. Joining a mining pool will sharply improve your income, however a computer using ASIC is needed.

Bitcoin cloud mining

If you have only a small computer, cloud mining is a great alternative. It is very simply to do cloud mining because in theory you don’t need a PC apart from when you set up an account. Once you have a cloud mining you pay to use the mining rig services of the cloud mining company. However, be warned, there are many scams out there.


Bitcoin affiliate programs

In some ways we could argue that using an affiliate program to mine Bitcoin is similar to a mining pool. Even though you are a solo miner every time you recruit a new affiliate member they become apart of you mining pool. For the newbie this is a very effective way of earning big money from mining Bitcoin. Highly recommended for first timers, affiliate marketers and even network marketers interested in cryptocurrency.


How quick does it take to mine Bitcoin from home?

Again, it depends on the hardware you are using and the cryptocurrency you are mining. 

Will Bitcoins availability ever run out? 

Unlikely, the ebb and flow of the global market ensures there will always be millions of Bitcoin ready for mining.

How to mine Bitcoins from home today?

Before even considering mining Bitcoin ask yourself if you really want to bother. However, at the same time I am guessing that if you have read this much of this article you want to have a go.

The mining possibilities are limitless, but from using open-source programs to setting up a mining rig yourself. However, if you are new to mining and you are anything like me, you are looking for a simple and easy way to get started. 

CrytoTab browser is the easiest way to mine Bitcoin from home for free

One of the easiest ways of mining Bitcoin in the next 30 minutes is by using an internet browser.

Yes, I know it sound unbelievable, but it is true. 

What internet browser can also mine Bitcoin for FREE?

There are a few browsers that say they can but there is only one that does it effectively and has an internal Bitcoin miner software and that is CryptoTab.

CryptoTab is a browser very similar to Google Chrome but has a built-in mining function. The only key fact that allows a browser to mine cryptocurrency is that the CryptoTab browser mines Monero (XMR) and then converts them into Bitcoin when it is paid into your account. The reason why CryptoTab mines Monero (XMR) is because it is the only cryptocurrency that can be mined using a browser and the easiest coin to mine overall.

You are likely to mine a Monero block about every two minutes.

I have been using CryptoTab for the last few years and have found it stable and reliable. However, the most important fact everyone will want to know is, does CryptoTab pay? And the answer is YES. I have personally been paid into my Binance account multiply times without any fuss or delays. 

How does someone earn Bitcoin with this browser?

There is a few ways of earning Bitcoin on the CryptoTab browser:

  1. Browsing the internet using the CryptoTab browser
  2. Using the CryptoTab cloud mining system
  3. By doing NFT mining
  4. Taking advantage of the referral program
  5. Using your mobile device. 


If the idea of making some extra money from home appeals to you, mining Bitcoin using the CryptoTab browser is an easy option.

It simply means downloading the software or mobile app and starting mining today. Even though the browser works well I would highly recommend getting the CryptoTab Pro app.

If you would like to mine Bitcoin from home and you would like to know more click on the “Mine Bitcoin for Free” button below.