What are the best home businesses to start in 2022?

After going through a good amount of new direct sales companies globally it came to my conclusion that there was only one new company worth discussing

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With new home businesses being created everyday, you would have thought that the choices would have been larger but apparently not. The main issue is trying to find the best business ideas to make money rather than any old business to start.

The main reason for deciding on this company is because many of the global leaders seems to be swarming towards it. I am guessing that the main reason is because of the owners Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack, both who have years in the home businesses and MLM industry as reps and business owners. Regardless, I don’t believe that it is enough for even global leaders that the owners have a track record in network marketing. So, there must be something more attracting the best of the best.


Is VeloVita the best home businesses to start in 2022?

I believe it is. It has all the traits of a well breed race horse with a outstanding family background. In addition, VeloVita offers an innovative product that customers want to buy and can afford. Meaning it will be the most profitable business to start in 2022 as new businesses go.

What is VeloVita?

VeloVita is a newly founded network marketing company in the nootropic and energy supplement niche. VeloVita was started by two veterans of the MLM industry Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack. They have a long history of being successful as distributors, business owners and authors. Like most of us they believe that success is found in making decisions and taken ourselves of a journey that will give us success. All paths lead to success if you stay on them long enough and willing to tolerate the disappointments that come with it. This means that we create opportunities for ourselves or when we are offered one we are brave enough to make a decision and say YES.

What is VeloVita vision?

VeloVita is passionate in given the opportunity for individuals to realize their full potential and be more than they ever believed they could be. The time has come where traditional and online methods are used to reach out and share with the world what VeloVita offers to us all. The is expected to create a environment where inspiration, education, and life enrichment become the key to success and an focused lifestyle.

VeloVita products

Like many of the new home businesses opportunities that start with a few products, VeloVita starts with just one. It is called Brān reimagined and it is a nootropic and energy product that helps clear a dusty brain and improves focus. In addition, it gives energy, improves our mood and even helps with cravings, which is great if you want to loose weight. The product testimonies are great and customer have found the product very useful for the after lunch lack of energy crash.


Best home businesses to start

VeloVita product testimonies

At almost 45 years old and with a desk job, I tend to have a crash mid-afternoon. Energy drinks were my usual pick me up, but I would crash around 6pm. Now after a Brān, I get home from work and have plenty of energy to walk 2 miles and still do yard work. Truly amazing stuff!

Matt C., McKinney, TX

As an owner of two technology companies, I live in a changing world of high stress. I am always looking for an edge, not just in my business, but also in my personal projects and overall lifestyle. After years of research, all roads lead to Mental Energy! Brān ReImagined is one thing that I can do that positively affects all the things that matter. You have to see what its like to have your Brain on Brān!

Earl Mann, Las Vegas, NV

Everyday at 3:30 I hit a wall. Productivity goes way down, eyes get heavy, and I can’t wait to take a nap. I took Brān at 2:30 today and I’m still going strong at 9pm! Nothing jittery or uncontrollable, but consistent energy and I’ve been more focused and productive than the first part of my day!

Jake L., Carollton, TX

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Why is VeloVita the best business to start with little money?

VeloVita are offering one of the best home businesses to start online and a product line that people want and need. This allows people like you and me to make money online and have the energy to spend it.

  1. Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack: They have been in the industry for many years as distributor and business owners and so they have an understanding and an empathy for those of you who are on the front line in direct sales and MLM. 
  2. VeloVita has everything in house: Unlike many direct sales and MLM companies VeloVita do everything themselves from marketing, support and production of the product. This creates a safer environment to work in as an affiliate or member. 
  3. Great support: Those of us who have worked in the industry for a while have heard the story from owners about how they will support you in your business. Again because these people have been in our situation they understand too well that if you call support, you want someone to answer the phone or reply to your email fast. This is the VeloVita mission to offer the best service in the industry.
  4. Products work and work fast: So, there is no waiting for 90 days to maybe see the product work, within a few hours you will know the difference.
  5. Realistic pricing: These products are affordable for all customers pockets at only 2$ a serving.  There are even bigger savings for affiliates and members. (In some cases member can get FREE products) However if you simply want to join as a member you can get started with $49.95 which give you access to the members (Distributors) backoffice. If you decide to become a Member of our community, not only will you enjoy Velovita Member Rewards, you’ll also be fully equipped with a virtual back office called the V-Cloud for an annual fee. This is got to be one of the best business to start with little money online at the moment.
  6. It’s simply: VeloVita has only one product (Brān Reimagined), which makes is so easy for marketing as an affiliate or member
  7. Affordable delivery: Many companies in the past would charge large sums to deliver their products, but since the Amazon boom there is no reason why it should be so expensive and take so long to deliver. VeloVita are changing as little as 5$ for a 72 hour delivery regardless how big the package you have purchased.
  8. Choices: VeloVita offer three choices, you can be a customer, an affiliate or a member – Click here for more details
  9. No prerequisite to purchase yourself:  As long as someone in your team has purchased products that is enough for you to qualify. 
  10. Free products: If three of your customers make an order you get free products. 

Why should you join the best home businesses to start and why is it the right time?

The world is changing and we all need to change with it. In the past, it was possible to live off of one family members earnings. However, things have changed, for many years we have all needed to contributor to the household bills. This means both parents working one or even jobs. This system has worked for quite a while until the unexpected happened and the pandemic force people to stay at home. The US and many third world countries have suffered badly and the income that came from a hand to month existence run out fast.

Many asked themselves:

  • Should I have been prepared?
  • Should I have a plan B?
  • And should I have started a home based business that would tide me over during these difficult times?

Of course, nobody can predicted the future, but there will be another unforeseen economic, social or personal situation which puts you on your back. 

Is the solution VeloVita?     

Of course, I do not have a crystal ball, but I do know that VeloVita is one of the fastest growing and best home businesses to start this year. There is a massive amount of excitement about where this company is going to over the next 5 years. Also, because VeloVita is one of the top new home businesses and MLM companies for 2022, anyone joining now with be gaining the traction that comes from being a founder member.

New direct sales companies

What should I know before joining new direct sales companies?                                       

I am not going to lie to you, getting in at the start has its benefits, but also pitfalls. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of new MLM companies


  • New direct sales startups are normally small and dynamic allowing innovations
  • Very small amount of overheads which makes them more cost effective and profitable
  • There is still a team spirit and cooperation
  • There is still the personal touch that older companies loose
  • Everything is possible because there is still a flexibility regarding the products and services
  • Joining something new is fun, because the best home businesses to start are fun
  • You will be in at the start when the real adventures in network marketing and direct sales will be there
  • You will enjoy the retention of being in early and learning for some of the MLM professional


  • There is always a risk that all you work will be for nothing, but life without risk is simply boring
  • At the start of a new direct sales business you may not earn as much as you wanted
  • Finding new customers are always difficult with a new home businesses brand
  • Slightly stressful

Starting any new business is never easy, but the best home businesses to start are hard to find so when one is handed to you on a plate consider it seriously before making a decision. As Stephen C. Hogan quoted, “Most people miss great opportunities because of their misperception of time. Don’t wait! The time will never be just right.”

Most people miss great opportunities because of their misperception of time. Don’t wait! The time will never be just right

Stephen C. Hogan

What next and how to start?

If you have made it as far as the bottom of the article then you have some interested in joining VeloVita or you are window shopping new direct sales companies is your thing. Whatever your motivation is to read this page, it is time to make a decision which is:

  1. Click on the learn more button and receive more details about VeloVita
  2. Or leave the page and I will say, “thank you for your time and all to your success with whatever home businesses you decide to join”

None of the answers are wrong, but you have made a decision use in the direct sales industry, which is as much as anyone can ask. 

I hope the VeloVita home businesses information has be useful and that and has give you a clearer understand what VeloVita is all about. For more details about the best home businesses to start online click on the learn more button below.