How to get started mining Bitcoins from home with your PC

Mining Bitcoins from home

Mining Bitcoin generally means using device specific machines, but if you want to get started at the basement level on your PC you can start mining with CPU only, but is it worth the effort?

A few weekends ago I decided to do a test on the cheapest way of earning Bitcoin by using some of the more commonly known platforms and software for mining with your PC and CPU. 

The three sites I tried were the Minergate, Nicehash and CryptoTab browser mining site.

What is MinerGate?

MinerGate is regarded as one of the largest multi currency mining pools that allows subscribers to mine Monero. The Monero cryptocurrency is often used to purchase goods, services and other currencies. The main attraction is their very low fees.

I liked the simplicity of the setup and how fast I was able to start mining, however the strain on the computer’s CPU was a lot. My PC was straining to run, so after an hour I stopped mining, because it was starting to overheat. It meant they worked a lot better with a computer with a bigger CPU.

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What is Nicehash?

NiceHash is another favored cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin miner. The software is easy to download, however it is a bit more involved, especially the subscription and identification process.

I found that once the software is set up and starts mining it is very slow and takes a lot out of your PC. It is possible to do NiceHash mining with CPU only, but personally it is not worth the effort. The best way for using this software is to invest in a GPU rig or a gaming PC, however your investment will start from about 500$ if you can get a second hand machine. If not it is more likely to be 5000-10000$ for something new.

Nevertheless, for someone who wants to get more involved with Bitcoin mining is a good starting point.

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What is CryptoTab browser mining?

CryptoTab browser is a slightly different approach to mining Bitcoin. Unlike the other two platforms I have reviewed, CryptoTab does not overload your CPU and can even be used on your laptop and mobile devices. The reason for this is because you are using a browser with a Bitcoin mining algorithm. This means any time your browser is open you are mining Bitcoin (Satoshi). To make it even more attractive the CryptoTab browser is very similar to the well loved Google Chrome. Once you have downloaded, installed and finally subscribed to CryptoTab you can start earning straight away.

In addition, CryptoTab offers an affiliate program that allows the user to leverage their income and their mining efforts. The affiliate program behaves like a crypto farm pool. Some of my friends have suggested that it is also like a cryptocurrency MLM plan. This is somewhat correct because the program pays out to 10 levels deep.

The advantage to the CryptoTab browser mining over the other two is that it is easy to set up and use. Browsing is something you are going to do everyday so making money at the same time is a benefit.

If you are just getting started with Bitcoin mining CryptoTab is a great place to start from. The risks are minimum and if you enjoy the buzz of making Bitcoin from home you can start educating yourself with other methods later. 

What I am saying is that CryptoTab is a safe option for the newbie to Bitcoin mining.

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Mining with CPU only

Is mining Bitcoins from home profitable?

Well, put it this way, you are not going to be the next internet millionaire, but as a second stream income you can make a nice income. After testing all the different methods I personally use CryptoTab for mining Bitcoins at home as a savings account. I’m going to use a browser anyway and this will give me additional income. However, a few things that need to be considered before starting with any of the above platforms.

The amount of power used for mining Bitcoin

If you are burning too much energy you will not make any money. If the cost of electricity is more than you can make there is no point. That is the advantage of using CryptoTab, because you will already be using its browser. The other platforms are one trick ponies so they really need to make a profit.

Some friends living in a hot climate where the sun shines almost everyday have opted to use solar power. This is great but a large investment is needed to buy the sun panels and install them even before earning anything.

How much are you investing?

The whole point of this article is for someone new to Bitcoin mining to get started, so use what you have or see what is available second hand. Some Bitcoin miners have invested 50000-100000$ on their rigs, which is great if you can afford it. However, when you are starting you should be learning more than you earn until you have the knowledge and experience to take your mining to the next level.

Maintaining your PC

When you are mining Bitcoins from home you may need to leave your PC on for most of the day. Some people are leaving them running for 24 hour which is a lot of pressure on a PC. Keeping your PC in a cold part of your house will help stop it from overheating, however, overtime maintenance is needed.

CryptoTab browser mining

Final words about mining Bitcoins from home

All three of these platforms Minergate, Nicehash and CryptoTab will allow you to mine Bitcoin successfully. However, the best platform that really allows someone to use the home computer is the CryptoTab browser platform. It is simple, you need to use a browser anyway and your start-up investment is zero unless you do not have a PC.

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