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If you are a new network marketer and are finding it a little challenging to find customers and distributors for your business here are 4 of my top MLM recruiting tips to get you started.  

The reality is that if you cannot recruit anyone into your business you are going to fail in network marketing. Of course you also need customers but without the leverage of a team of distributors you will never gain a passive income that will sustain you into the future.

There is no doubt that the pandemic of 2020-22 and then the war in Ukraine has disrupted the traditional way of recruiting new distributors. However, there is a solution that for some of us has been a way of life for some years. That solution is having some or all of your business marketing strategy online.


4 of my top MLM recruiting tips for an online marketing strategy

We can agree to disagree but the fact is that the traditional way of marketing a MLM business is dead. As we watch the high street shopping experience disappear the network marketer is also being pushed aside. The need for running presentations in peoples homes and having home parties has become less important. Now, I am not saying that is is a good thing in regards to having that important social interaction, but it is a modern day reality that we are going to have to accept.

However, even though I am a total advocate of online marketing and all the skills needed to achieve the best results. I fully understand that it is not for everyone. So, to make it a little easier to handle I have set out 4 ways you can do network marketing recruitment that is more accessible. 

What is network marketing prospecting?

Prospecting in network marketing is like prospecting for gold. You may need to mine for quite a while before you find a big nugget. However, you may find lots of small nuggets on the way. Fundamentally, prospecting is an ongoing process and in essence the backbone to your success. 

The prospecting process is broken down into 4 parts:

  1. Finding people who are interested in buying your products or joining your business.
  2. Inviting people to a presentation.
  3. Sharing your products or business.
  4. Following up after a while to find out if they are interested.

The point of these few steps are to understand if the prospect is qualified to become a distributor in your business. Please do not waste your time on wannabes, they will suck the energy out of you. There is only one thing you need from a prospect and that is a decision. There is no wrong answer, because some will be interested, some won’t be interested, so accept their decision and move onto the next prospect.

Network marketing prospecting tools and ideas

There are many ways of finding prospects for network marketing. So, consider ways that not only attract customers but also business partners. The goal is to build a good customer base as well as a sustainable and grown sales team. Without these two elements success is not going to be possible long-term.

1. Reaching out to your social circle

Some argue that this is the easiest way of building a network marketing business. I am not so sure, but for the sake of fairness to those who are not children of the internet here is how the method works.

The list

If you have been in MLM before then you have likely heard about the list. After your first training day with your sponsor you may have been asked to write a list of all your family and friends. If you are a social butterfly and great at bringing people together this method could work for you. 

Once you have completed the list (about 200 names) you can either call them or alternatively message / email them. When you contact people on your list, be enthusiastic about your new project and that you want them to be a part of it.

What next?

Well, if they are interested in either becoming a customer or a distributor send them more details via post or email. However, if they are not, say thank you for their time and move onto the next on the list.

This is a very simple method, but it is for the more socially skilled. However, even using any of the online methods are still going to need the network marketer to build a relationship once they have been recruited into their downline.


2. Reaching out to world with a network marketing blog

I cannot tell you how powerful blogging is for the network marketer. If you have never done blogging before you should start today. It will change your life forever.

The advantage of writing a blog is that you are sharing your business, products and ideas 24 / 7 globally. This will give you a massive customer base as well as a large sales team within a few years. This is done in most parts without having long chats with family and friends.

Having such a global reach is just not possible without blogging.

The other benefit is that I am able to run my MLM business on the move. I can live anywhere I want and sit in a beach cafe responding to emails and writing my blog.

The blog is a method that can integrate all the elements needed for success such as lead generation, sales and of course network marketing recruitment.

Consider this for a moment. We are all using the internet everyday to search and research information we need and one of those things is network marketing.

If you want more proof that blogging works in network marketing recruitment, you found this blog didn’t you?

MLM recruiting tips

3. Network marketing recruitment on social media platforms

The first thing I would like to mention before we start. When using social media platforms be aware that if you start spamming the hell out of Facebook or other platforms you will get banned. 

At the same time, social media platforms are a great way to find prospects. We are going to discuss Facebook here but other platforms worth using are LinkedIn and Twitter. One quick method is sharing your blog post on any of the social media platforms.

However, Facebook has a lot more to offer for MLM prospecting.

Such as:

  • Starting a Facebook page so you can share information about your business opportunity.
  • Using Facebook messenger to reach out prospects.
  • Create a Facebook group and invite prospects.

Whatever you decide to share on social media, be sure that you offer value to your readers.

4. Create an automated MLM recruiting system with email marketing.

I have used many different mailing services over the years, but for the last 6 years I have been using aWeber. The reason is that they are more MLM friendly than some of the other services. So. I would highly recommend aWeber for that reason alone, but also because they have some great additional tools as a part of the package.

The best way to do email prospecting is use a blog and ask people to subscribe for more information or even a free product. This is a great way to build a virtual relationship because you establish a face to face relationship.



Regardless of what you have heard it is not possible to get MLM recruiting done for you. This means that work is required. Nevertheless, recruitment is going to be vital if you want to have any possibility of having a successful money making business.

I personally recommend using all these methods even if you are not fully understanding how it works.

However, for those who are new to the industry some MLM tips for beginners may not be enough. If this is the case, I would suggest an influential eBook by Steven Jackson called, “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”. It is for complete beginners who want to do network marketing recruitment online. The eBook has 14 steps and 27 tasks with the final goal to give you a plan that works.

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