The top 3 online network marketing recruiting tips for success

We are all searching for MLM recruiting secrets that will skyrocket our businesses to the next level, so here are a few ideas that may work for you.

Building a MLM business sometimes needs out of the box recruiting strategies. I am only guessing at this point but if you are new to this you have already spoken to everyone you are brave enough to ask and now are lost to what you should do next.

Everyone who loves the idea of working for themselves as a network marketer has been there at one point in their careers. You believed your enroller or mentor, but now they are still giving you the same dogma which isn’t working.

The main issue is that we have high expectations of others. We believe that of course they will want to support us in our businesses, but sadly most will not. The type of individual that will want to join your business will be someone who already desires more from life. Of course, it is not possible to know who will want to join your business, but there are some signs that one person is more likely than another.

So, how can we make the recruitment method a lot easier while offering your opportunity to prospects that are more likely to join your business?

Network marketing recruiting tips

How to recruit effectively in network marketing?

I am a great believer in the concept of “knowledge in power”

Knowledge is something that can’t be taken away from you and can be passed forward into other careers. So my first tip is to educate yourself in the world on network marketing.

Tip one – Online recruiting strategies for network marketing

You may have noticed the title of this section starts with “online”, so don’t panic. 

If you are reading this article you are likely using the internet everyday and so is everyone else. This means that using the internet to build your MLM business is not a stretch. However, the main issue is what training do you need?

I personally recommend an eBook called, “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing” by Steven Jackson.

The reason for suggesting this eBook is because it is simply, completely understandable and a fully workable recruitment strategy template that everyone will understand. It is a step by step guide to running a network marketing business online. It takes the student through  27 simple tasks until they are able to recruit new partners independently. 

The main role of this eBook is to give someone new to this industry a basic plan that works. Many network marketers have realized over the years that recruiting online is the future. It has become the preferred marketing method rather than reaching out to family, friends and colleges.

If you would like to find out more about this eBook, click on the eBook preview below for details.


Tip two – Use social media platform for network marketers

Believe it or not but there are already people looking for network marketing opportunities. 

Yes, I can hear you shouting, “but where are they?”

That is a great question and I do have the answer.

For years network marketers have been asking for a FREE platform that catered for MLM recruitment. A platform that offers tools and solutions that allows a network marketer to build and share their business opportunity with people that are already motivated to join. There is really only one platform that ticks all the boxes a network marketer needs and that is MLM Gateway.

How to recruit effectively

What is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is one of the top MLM recruiting secrets of our age. It offers network marketers a place to socialize with other marketers and make vital connections for building a MLM business. The great thing about this platform is that you can search for MLM pros all over the world and target your searches to states and regions as well as product types.

In addition, this platform offers other tools for building your business such as free advertising, article sharing section and a referral program. The referral program allows you to earn points towards advertising as well as money.

It is important to mention that network marketers once in a while consider joining other businesses for various reasons. Mainly it is because the company they are working for has radically changed their policies, but mainly it is because they are struggling to make money. The second reason for joining another business is because they are looking for a second income stream.

As a long term network marketer myself having a social media platform to share my MLM business is such an asset. The main asset is that I do not need to explain what network marketing is. I fully recommend MLM Gateway. It is FREE, so what have you got to lose?

MLM Gateway

Tip 3 – Using FREE lead generation services

Traditionally, many will argue that this online tool is not an MLM prospecting service, but I would disagree. Though I would agree that it is unusual to suggest a safelist platform for an MLM business. However, this is a platform I have been successfully using for the last 5 years. 

Million Leads For Free

As the name says, this double opt-in safelist offers a million leads for free. Now, straight away before everyone rushing to share their MLM business opportunity, I would suggest not doing so. The main strategy is to share a FREE product, service or system and then offer your main business opportunity later.   

The reason for recommending “Million Leads For Free” is because I have been able to add on average 3 new prospects a day using this platform. So it is worthwhile considering using a FREE tool as a part of your marketing strategy.

Million Leads For Free

Bonus tip – Using a Free viral downline builder

The ability for you and your team to receive leads by using the efforts of others is so powerful. 

The motivation for other marketer to share with you leads is because they are in the same situation. They need new leads for their MLM business also. So using a viral downine builder allows you to receive three free leads from every prospect that joins your downline.

You can only imagine what that means if you share this system with ten prospects. You will have 30 new, motivated and business minded people in your downline fast. 

The reason the viral list building is such a great method of finding new prospect is because the whole process means you are likely to be recruiting the right person for your business. Having a system that qualify the individual before they join your MLM business will change everything for the better.

In the case of this platform, it is possible to receive 25$ every time someone upgrades their account.

Check it out it’s FREE.


More secrets on how to recruit effectively in MLM

Before I conclude this article I would like to add a few words of my own views regarding recruiting effectively in MLM. 

All these tools and services above will work, but none of them will work if you are not using them. This is when we return to the basic philosophy of building any business and that comes down to a simple premise.

And that is:

  • Take action
  • Set goals
  • Make a plan
  • Work on it everyday until you succeed  

Conclusion to network marketing recruiting tips

This article is broken down into one part network marketing education and three part marketing tools.

In my opinion, the most important section is education. Having the knowledge will give you the mastery of the tools and other services available to you online. So, if you are in doubt about what to do next, read “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing” by Steven Jackson. Once you have read it and done all the tasks you will realize what it is to know how to recruit effectively and start your journey as an online MLM pro.

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