Is starting an embroidery business at home a stitch too far?

Starting an embroidery business at home

If you have a talent for needle craft or enjoy sewing as a hobby have you ever considered monetizing your skill by making some extra money in an embroidery business startup?

Have you ever wondered how that lady in the shopping center doing embroidery on T-Shirts and other items got started?

Well, the chances are she already had an interest in embroidery in the first place and decided to develop her skills by starting a business. However, she had to pay for some training at a local college so you would be able to use the machine. This probably cost her a few thousand dollars but she is making a good living so it was a good investment in her time and future.

Education and training is the key, but what if you do not have a few thousand dollars to spend on a course in digital embroidery?

There is another option, even if you are not that knowledgeable about needle work. This is because there are a few and very affordable embroidery digitizing system training courses available. With a small education on a digital embroidery training course you will be up and going in quick time.


What is an embroidery digitizing business startup?

If you are a seamstress who would like to try something different or a digital marketer who wants to do something physical. Both of you will see some benefit of starting an embroidery business at home.

For the seamstress, you will be able to share your design talents, while the digital marketer will embrace the embroidery digital platform. If you happen to have a hobby in needle work and your partner is an online marketer you will have it made.

Digital embroidery is a way of optimizing your time so you can create and sell your products fast. If you have been doing your own embroidery by hand you already know how long it takes. So, having a digital system means you will be able to create your latest designs fast. 

Why is embroidery digitizing the way to go?

I guess it depends. 

If you have great designs but no time to create them, using an embroidery digitizing system will speed up the process. So the faster the time between the development of your design and it being on a T-shirt the faster a customer purchases it and you make money.

If you had to make each embroidery by hand the cost would be out of reach of most customers.

Why is starting an embroidery business at home a good idea?  

For many starting an embroidery business it is an empowering experience. They have for the first time created an income for themselves without the aid of the state or an employer. They often feel proud of their personal achievement and find it almost impossible to work for anyone else again. For the first time they can decide their own working hours. However, if you have just started a business even though in theory it is possible to choose your home in reality you will work as much as you can until you are solvent.

How to get started?

Like any business, organizational skills are needed.

This means you will need to:

  • Get the right education needed for digital embroidery
  • Get the right embroidery machine compatible with your computer. (Most are)
  • Think about the type of embroidery designs you feel will be most profitable. 

Embroidery business startup

Getting your embroidery business startup going in the right direction

I am sure that none of you would start anything new without doing some preparation and planning. So here are a few tips on how to get started.

  1. Be sure to do your research: Even if you are knowledgeable about embroidery you may not be about starting an embroidery business and the industry. So be sure you have read and understood as much as you can about the business you are getting into.
  2. Having a niche concept: Hopefully when you have done your research a niche concept in embroidery will jump out at you. You niche will overtime be your brand and the thing you specialize in, so consider:
    • Is there an untapped gap in the market?
    • Are your designs interesting and unique?
    • Are you the only person in your said niche?
  3. Quality embroidery machine investment: This goes without saying but do not buy a cheap machine. If you are serious about being successful in your embroidery business, purchase a top quality machine and as much as you can afford. You will not only get the best results, you will also have a machine that works more often than not.
  4. Marketing your business: If you are developing a very niche product marketing will be a lot easier. However, regardless of that, using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is a great starting point. As time progresses and your business becomes more successful consider blogging and even advertising to create growth in your business.
  5. Be a professional service: Aspire to be the top rated embroidery digitizers around. Speak politely to your customers, offer a great service and even when you are having a bad day don’t take it out on your customers.
  6. Getting training: If there was one thing in this article that is more important than anything else that is education and training. Success will come from what you know as much as what you do, so I strongly suggest educating yourself in the digital embroidery industry.


Online embroidery digitizing classes and courses

When researching the online courses the main aspect I searched for was the price which is substantially more affordable than some of the colleges I reviewed.

The type of online course you should give the student about:

  1. What do you need to start?
  2. Is there training in digital embroidery and design?
  3. Is there training about pricing and branding?

I have found a few that offer video training which does make the learning process far quicker. 


There is no doubt that starting an embroidery business at home and learning a professional embroidery digitizing system is a great idea. What is even better is that you can run your professional embroidery digitizers business part-time or full-time depending on your life situation.    

For more information and training about launching your own embroidery business startup click on the button below for details.