Getting the best out of email mass marketing and improve sales

With any online marketing system the use of a mass email service is a must to streamline and automate your business, unfortunately not everyone has the knowledge on how to get started

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Creating a email drip campaign for your online business is one of the most important methods to make sales. This method can be used in many other ways such as running recruiting campaign in a MLM business. However there are a few things to consider before you decide what service or method you are going to use.

Email mass marketing

Email mass marketing and your target group

If you are targeting countries where the internet is slower or unreliable it could be a good idea not to use complex html templates in your emails. Consider using simply text emails because the readers system may not be able to receive html email formats. However, the newsletter format that many of the mailing services are using are very attractive. This does give a professional image to the newsletter giving the reader more interest in reading your information. This format should be used in countries with highly advanced internet networks that can handle such a large download speed.  


Employing the right email strategy

We all have our own strategies and in all fairness you will go through a process of finding the best one that suits you and your customer base. Whatever strategy you intend to use to get warm leads on your list it will entail having a blog, landing page or opt in form. The main reason for the opt-in approach is because the prospect is asking for information. This information is likely to offer a solution to an existing problem that the prospect wants to solve. The subscriber is expecting to have their problem solved. I believe that the email marketers role is to offer solutions to their problems and then offer overtime follow ups as a reminder of the solution you have offered. Once it is clear that your solution was not something they want or need, suggest other solutions within their target group. Remember the emails must be relevant and informative to keep the interest of the reader.  

Your email image is everything

I know that many will find this section a bit peppy but, be professional when you create your email. Make sure there is no spelling mistakes, add your name, blog or website link and a visible unsubscribe link. For example, always add, Kind Regards, your name and at the end of your text.

This type of ending to a email is quick and simple, but it also respects the reader and the time they are about to spend on reading your message.

Getting the reader to take action

Getting your readers to take action and join a service, buy a products or enroll in your team is the main goal of your email or newsletter. So, when you are pitching an idea or product add a “Get Started” or “Learn More” button in your post. I personally have found that the most effective place to put the first call to action link or button is just after the introduction. Then add two or three more call to action links or buttons through the email and not forgetting your main blog or email link at the end.

Email drip campaign

How to create the most effective email drip campaign layout 

I am sure everyone reading this article have notice emails and wondered why we read some and ignore others. Companies and online marketers send out regular newsletters everyday to their existing and potential customers. The reason for this is to keep the attention on their product and service and update them of any offers they have available. There for the create customized newsletters and email to make the process more streamlined and quicker.


For anyone who has had experience building a email funnel from scratch already knows the pain staking process they have to go through. However, many do write their own and have found it very successful and others purchase their own email funnel. 

What ever you choose, weather to write your own or purchase a email marketing funnel it is still good to know what it should look like. So, below I have put some tips that maybe useful in writing your own.

  1. The subject of your newsletter or email should excite the person when they check their mail box. It should explain in briefly what the email is all about while expressing some urgency making the receiver want to open their email
  2. The writing style should be natural and in the first person, this will create a professional relationship overtime. This means, do not write your newsletter as though you were writing an advert. The mass email service I have been using allows me to personalize the email by taking their name or any other words such as their country and adding them to the newsletter. This is very effective for building relationships with your readers. 
  3. Keep the email simple. Anything too complex becomes confusing and that is not useful if you want some to buy your product. So, keep the amount of graphics and tables to the minimum, because it will end up the spam box of the receiver. Many mailing platforms offer a email and newsletter checker. It makes sure that the email does not look like spam mail.
  4. Keep the newsletter short and to the point. Don’t start writing an epic tale because it will bore the hell out of the reader. However, add bullet points and numbers, because it gets the readers attention.
  5. Link or button are vital if you want sales. Many mailing services offer call to action buttons in their templates so add either links or buttons at the start, middle and end of your email newsletter to increase response.
  6. Add images of the product or service you are marketing, this will improve the response rate. Sometimes its not possible to show the product, but if you have the package that will influence the reader weather they want to purchase the product or not.
  7. Incentives for someone to add their name to your email list is important to get this system started in the first place. However, it can be used within an email if you want to suggest some other products. A simply method is to offer a eBook, a program or something else, but free of charge if they add their name and email address to your list. 

Is there a free mass email service that will help build a mailing list for me?

There are a few worth considering. Even some of the safelist platforms are worth using if you are marketing FREE products, but really it is up to you how much time you want to invest is such a marketing method. However, as a recommendation, the most innovative and free mailing list software you will get at the moment can be found on the button below.  So, if your mailing list provider is not preforming for you, check out something that will. 


Mass email service

Email marketing templates for a mass email service 

As you may have noticed that creating just one email is very time consuming even if you have the help and support of a emailing service. Most successful online marketers and entrepreneurs understand the value of a successful marketing campaigns. Most of them simply use a copy and paste method that works. They don’t sit around thinking about how they will market and sell the products. They just copy and paste a complete email campaigns into their mailing service and wait for the money to roll in. These exact campaigns are directly responsible for millions of dollars in sales in businesses all over the world.


Emailing methods integrated into your blog or webpage as apart of your online marketing campaign is a game changer. However, even though this article sets out some of the theories behind email mass marketing it is not enough. To find out more click on the learn more button below and learn how you could build a your business using mass emails and copy and paste methods that really works.