How to get business leads for free using Get Leads 4 Free

Get business leads for free

If you are working online in a home based business having a free sales leads database that allows you to download the minimum of 500 leads a month is going to be an asset, but where can you get one?

I have been using various lead generation tools including Leadskimmer and MLM Gateway with great success. They both have very different ways of allowing the membership to reach out to others or build a leads list. However, even though both these platforms offer a great service in regards to building a warm leads list for free, they do not give me 500 leads a month. How “Get Lead 4 Free” can afford to give their members such a great free lead generation tool, but they can.


Who is this free sales leads database for?

It really doesn’t matter what business you are involved with, having more leads is always going to be a benefit to your business. As an affiliate marketer and network marketer myself there is a major advantage of having an extra 500 leads a month without really doing anything. So, regardless if you are a real estate agent, a stationary business or you are running a charity having more leads are going to work in a positive way for you.

At the same time, the business owners who are going to benefit the most are those working online. The fact is that running a business online means you are looking to gain more traffic to your website or landing page. It really doesn’t matter if you have an outstanding website or blog if no-one is reading it or purchasing your products or services.

How to use this free lead generation tool?

When you join “Get Leads 4 Free” you can be a free member and get 500 real leads a month or upgrade and get more leads and benefits. The leads consist of prospects interested in starting their own business opportunity. You will get their full name and address, email and telephone number.

How to get more leads?

If you feel that 500 leads a month is not enough and you don’t want to upgrade you can use your referral link. If you refer five or more prospects to “Get Leads 4 Free” you can get as many as 100000 leads a month as well as a commission. Any payments are made by CASH App or Bitcoin.

Here are some more details on how this free lead generation tool works:

If you want even more leads for free the plan is divided into levels from bronze to diamond. These levels really are there to define the amount of leads and progress you have made in “Get Leads 4 Free”.

So, for example:

  • If you have referred 5 leads you will become a bronze member and get 5000 business leads a month for free.
  • If you have referred 10 leads you will become a silver member and get 10000 business leads a month for free.
  • If you have referred 20 leads you will become a gold member and get 20000 business leads a month for free.
  • If you have referred 30 leads you will become a platinum member and get 40000 business leads a month for free.
  • If you have referred 50 leads you will become a platinum member and get 100000 business leads a month for free.

These are large amounts of leads so be sure before you even consider uploading them to a mailing service that they will accept such a large amount of unsubscribed prospects. Many mailing platforms such Mailchimp and aWeber will close your account so be aware.


How does someone get 500 free leads with “Get Leads 4 Free”?

This is a very simple platform. Every month you will receive your new batch of leads. The amount will depend on if you have upgraded or you have any referrals. Nevertheless, the minimum will be 500 free leads. You will be able to access your fresh leads from your menu.

If you have referred more people it is possible you will get an instant commission from the upgrading.

If you are looking to gain more traffic to your website you can use the points based traffic exchange. The traffic exchange gives you the opportunity to add banner and text ads to the platform as well as adding your website to the surfing traffic exchange.

The three step towards starting your “Get Leads 4 Free” membership:

Here is how you get started using this free lead generation tool and making a commission.

  1. Once you have login to your account go straight to the special bonus page.
  2. Visit your affiliate toolbox. The affiliate toolbox will give you all the tools needed to promote “Get Leads 4 Free” and make a commission. There are lots of top end marketing tools that will allow you to get started from day one. So, you will not need to create email swipes, banners or even a HTML landing page.
  3. Start using “Get Leads 4 Free”.

And that is all there is to it.

Free lead generation tool


As I have been writing this overview review it is difficult to get you any more. However, I have been using the service for a while and found that if I do not overdo it by spamming the world it will work very well.

As for the commissions they are paid quite fast without any fuss or argument and if I have any issues which I rarely have, admin gets back to me promptly.

I know I have already mentioned it, but for someone new to network marketing struggling to get leads you will not find an easier option. Even if you reach out to your free business leads database individually it is likely it will be more leads than you would reach out to any other way. So, consider how few prospects you would reach out to if you did not have 500 free leads every month. It is possible it would be a handful.

If you would like to learn more about how to get business leads for free with “Get Leads 4 Free” click on the button below.