Will a landing page for Clickbank make money for you fast?

Landing page for Clickbank

Affiliates with Clickbank promote products are the only ones that understand that they need an automated platform such as a landing page to become truly successful in the digital work in Clickbank.

Clickbank has been around for many years and anyone who has embarked on a journey into digital marketing has used the platform. Clickbank is a FREE eCommerce platform and digital marketplace for affiliate marketers and vendors. Over the years it has become the largest digital retailer in the world with over 1.5 million affiliates.

If you are selling Clickbank products one of the best tools for online success is a landing page. So, if you are a Clickbank affiliate or a vendor having a professionally developed landing page it will change your business forever.

A Clickbank member has two choice:

  1. Create a landing page themselves.
  2. Use a service that creates a professional web page or landing page for Clickbank for them.

I know what I would choose if I was not a professional web designer myself. Creating a landing page is hard work and all that time you are not making any money at all.


What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that clearly focuses on one product or service. The main goal of a landing page is for the prospect or customer to “land” on the page and be guided towards a purchase. While on the landing page the reader is encouraged to share their details to an email service, click on adverts or purchase the product or service.

One of the main differences between a website and a landing page is that it has a specific role. It also may have a set duration and target audience depending on the type of product the landing page is sharing.

What is important about using a landing page for Clickbank?

The most effective role of a landing page for Clickbank is to drive sales and to build your warm leads list. However, when you add an effective landing page service specifically designed to market Clickbank products you also save time, money as well as making money.

How to save time using landing pages for affiliate marketing?

Even if you have lots of skills and knowledge on how to create a landing page, it still takes time. However, if you have no training or education in web design it is going to be a challenge.

What is the solution?

Use a platform that makes it easy to design a landing page that converts. Once you are using such a platform you are well on the way to making a lot of money.

The great thing is you will not need to learn any coding such as HTML, graphic design, PHP, databases, hosting, domains or any of that other techie stuff. Having to learn all these things is what will stop you from making money.

How to save money by using a landing page for Clickbank products?

A friend of mine was paying a web designer to do everything for him. As he told me, it was getting expensive and every time he wanted a change or a product was discontinued he needed more work. The costs were building up all the time and it seemed to be never-ending.

Getting a platform that offers 300-500 ready to use is great. However, when they are professional landing pages that span nearly every subject possible found on the ClickBank marketplace that is when it gets interesting.

How to make money using a landing page

Using a landing page for Clickbank is not a short term project. So, don’t see it as a short term, you will be earning for years to come.

Earning as an affiliate

Earning as a ClickBank affiliate means finding top products in the ClickBank Marketplace and starting making a large commission from selling their products. This is done by using the Clickbank hoplink product code within your landing page or email.

Some affiliate products offer a free landing page as a part of their affiliate toolbox, but not all of them. So, having the right landing page for the right product or service is going to free up your business.

Earning as a vendor

As a Clickbank vendor you can create and develop your own products and add it to their marketplace. This allows the vendor to share with over 100000 affiliates who want to share your product and make a commission. Every time you create a new product, having a platform that has ready made landing pages is such an asset.

Clickbank promote products


I have been using landing pages for many years with great success. The simplicity of using landing pages allows you to build a business without needing to oversee the process apart from getting everything started.

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