Create a keto diet foods list and feel the benefits from day one

You would be surprised how many foods you can eat on keto and because there is such a choice the benefits became even more attractive to me

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My name is Steve Jackson and I am a middle aged man who was gaining weight after many year of being slim and active. I was a bit of a shock to me and I didn’t like the feeling of buying larger clothes and looking down at my stomach and wondering how it got so big. I’m not saying I was obese, but I could see the future and my future was fat. I tried simply eating less or so called healthier, but it difficult to know what will help me loose weight. Finally, after purchasing a large shirt (I am normally a medium) I decided that I needed to take action.

Some may believe that my motivation to loose weight was about vanity and you are not wrong. However, it was far more that my ego being bruised, it was also about how I felt. The more weight i gained the more tired I was and the less physical exercise I was doing. It had become a vicious circle that I was finding very difficult to break. The final straw was when my wife started patting my tummy and my jeans were getting hard to put on without my belly hanging over the top. My ego was crushed and my mind told me that I need to do something. 

Keto was not my first choice, but it seemed to be the easiest to commit to. What interested me was that the theory of a keto diet was so simply. I needed to reduce the amount of carbs I ate to the minimum while at the same time eat a high fat diet. Even though we eat far fewer carbs, we increase the fats and proteins. Eating less carbs increases our metabolic rate (ketosis) hence burn body fat as energy.


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The theory of losing weight on a keto diet is great, but searching the internet for recipes and better information on how to loose weight successful is another issue. There is of course lots of recipes, but nothing in depth enough to allow the user to fully understand how it works. However as a gift to people reading this article I am giving away for FREE keto diet plan and cookbook that I have found useful in the past. The ebook is called the “Delicious easy keto recipe book” and it offers everything a newbie to keto needs to loose weight and eat healthily. The book includes, the benefits being on a ketogenic diet, the foods you should eat and the ones to avoid, 8 tips on how to be successful on a keto diet and finally, 19 delicious and easy to do keto recipes. To download your FREE keto recipes eBook, click on the download button below.


Keto diet foods list

7 benefits of the keto diet for beginners

Most people when the look at the keto diet think of only one thing and that is how much weight they are going to loose and how great they are going to look. This is of course an important reason to be on a keto diet, because if we are over weight there is some underlining issues going on regarding health, our social and financial situation and even our personal mindset. However, most do not realized the benefits of a low carb or keto diet, in fact there is enough benefits in a keto diet to change your life forever.

What is the ketogenic diet?

The basic theory behind the keto diet is to loose weight and have a healthier life you need to consume three types of food and that is:

  1. Low carb food products
  2. Moderate amounts of protein
  3. High amount of fats

The idea is that we fine tune or even return our bodies into a state of an higher metabolic rate or ketosis which burns the fats off of our bodies, because there is not enough carbs. 

The reason why our body goes into ketosis is because there is no longer enough glycogen sugar to provide the energy we need. Once the sugars in our body has gone our body starts to feed on the fat. Our livers converts the fat into ketones for the body to use as an alternative energy source. This is a great way to loose weight because we do not need to be hungry all the time while losing weight.  

7 benefits of starting a keto diet

As mentioned earlier, the keto diet is more than just a weight loss program. It also has other unexpected benefits if you are feeling drained of energy or have any other underlining condition.

Weight loss

Yes, weight loss is the main reason why we choose to start a keto diet. I personally believe it works because it is simply and understandable what we need to do to loose weight and we don’t become hungry like other diets. Also, it works because our body with the lack of sugars searches an alternative energy source to power our metabolism.    

This means that when our bodies lack carbs we enter into a state of ketosis. That is when our blood sugars and insulin levels falls. Once the body starts using the fat cells as energy, your body also release a massive amount of water as urine giving you some great weight loss. The fat cells enters the blood stream until it arrives at your liver where it becomes ketones for energy processing.

It reduces your appetite

Most of us find that when we are not eating carbs we find that we simply eat less. In my case, I eat a good keto breakfast of eggs, bacon and avocado and then coffee during the day until late afternoon when I have a keto dinner. I am just not that hungry during the day even though I drink lots of liquids. 

Focus is massively improved

The main issue in regards to focusing on work or other important aspect in life is the unpredictable spikes in our sugar levels which comes from the carbs we eat. When the sugar level rise and fall the inconsistent energy levels make it difficult for our brains to focus on whatever we are doing. All the foods you can eat on keto creates constant and consistent source of energy which allows the mind to focus more clearly.

More energy

If you have ever tried to loose weight before the main issue is that you are tired and hungry all the time. The lack of energy also starts to become an issue, which means needing to refuel your body on a hourly bases. The foods you can eat on keto find energy in your fat receives which is almost unlimited and is able to feed us consistently throughout the day. This means we do not go hungry and we have the energy to do more than we had previously. 

Known to fight diabetes

I do not personally suffer from Type II diabetes, but I have friends who do and they have told me how their bodies experiences high levels of insulin. However, many who have decided to make a change in their lives have found that the reduction of sugar in their diet via keto has stabilize HbA1c counts, and reverse Type II diabetes.

Higher levels of good cholesterol

An interesting aspect of being on a keto diet is our cholesterol and how it changes. For example when we are on a keto diet our body’s triglyceride levels fall and your HDL cholesterol levels rise. This means that bad cholesterol levels are reduced by the introduction of good HDL cholesterol.

Reduces blood pressure

High blood pressure is an issue for many people, but generally there is an underlying people is bad diet, lack of exercises and being over weight. So, in many way, keto is already addressing them issue through weight loss. However, this the point that a keto diet effects every part of our lives in the most fundamental ways to. In the case of blood pressure, many have found that they can stop taking blood pressure medicine altogether.     

Keto cookbooks

The keto diet foods list conclusion

Since I begun my keto diet just a few months ago I have lost 22 lb (10 kg) without even trying. I have found recipes that give me a vast choice without being boring or bland to eat. However, other benefits I have noticed is that I sleep far better than I ever have, I have lots of energy, I don’t feel tired about three in the afternoon and I am far more relaxed than I ever have been. The fact is the keto diet is changing lives all over the world because it is so simply to commit to. The only thing missing is plenty of recipes that will keep the laziest dieter on track. 

How to get a FREE keto cookbooks?

Finding a keto cookbooks to suit the keto diet can be a bit hit and miss, but this one is free so no worries there. To download your keto cookbooks click on the download button below and add your name and email address and you will receive your FREE keto eBook asap in your email box. However, if you have any questions click here and add your message to the contact page.