Leadskimmer review – Free lead generation tools that works

I don’t think there is anyone running a business online regardless if they are into affiliate marketing, network marketing or even eCommerce that are not looking for ways to get free leads online

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Typically, we run to social media platform and spam the hell out of our family and friends until the unfriend us stop reading anything we share. Fortunately, over the last few year there has been some interest options available to the online marketer and that is what my review is sharing with you today.

However, like any new idea and strategy it is good to know the in’s and outs of the service and why it is worth someones time and effort to use in their existing business. LeadSkimmer is one of those online services available for free, but what should you know before getting involved. Hopefully, this LeadSkimmer review will share everything you need to know to make a educated guess weather or not this instant leads generator is for you. 

LeadSkimmer review

What is LeadSkimmer? A brief overview

Leadskimmer is a simply but effective lead builder. The system is fundamentally FREE, however there are a few interesting upgrades worth considering once you realize how well the system works. In addition, Leadskimmer allows you to integrate your own auto reply system such as aWeber which helps streamline the whole process of adding the lead to your existing mailing list. There is even a possibility to create an income, which for some may be worth considering. 

LeadSkimmer is a high-converting front end sales lead gen funnel that converts traffic into leads. This has become one of the most effective ways of building your own warm leads list quickly and comprehensively.

LeadSkimmer review and video overview

For those of you who would rather watch a video than read in the information below, here is Geoff Stephen explaining how LeadSkimmer works and what it can do for you.

YouTube video



Detailed Leadskimmer review

If you are new to online marketing or a veteran having a set of tools that allow you to do all the boring or time consuming jobs is a must. One of those jobs is building your warm leads list and from my experience in MLM that means speaking to family and friends. The affiliate marketers in that case have it easy. They generally never speak to anyone in person, because their strategy works exclusively online, but even they find that building a mailing list a chore.   

What type of marketer will LeadSkimmer work for?

After using LeadSkimmer for some years, I believe it will work for anyone who need to build a mailing list for their business. That generally means almost anyone needing a build a customer base. So, if you need real estate leads for new agents or network marketing leads, LeadSkimmer could be the solution you have been looking for.

Who owns LeadSkimmer

LeadSkimmer was created by Geoff Stephen. He is the owner and founder of GlobalNPN. He is best know for being a speaker at the No Excuses Summit 3 about lead generating in business in Las Vegas. He is regarded as a authority in his field.

Free leads online

What doesn’t LeadSkimmer’s free leads online system do?

I think I should make it clear that LeadSkimmer is a very unique system. However, many believe that it is harvesting leads for the internet or a lead sharing service or even a MLM business. None of these are true, You will not get rich over night for the affiliate option and it does a spamming tool. 

How are the lead gen automation system work in LeadSkimmer?

The leads are generated for the work that your do, so like anything, “work is required”. All the leads are real people who are search for the same thing you are which is free lead generation tools that help their businesses grow. This can been most effectively seen when integrating your personal auto reply system with the LeadSkimmer capture pages.

Once someone joins your mailing list is when the party really starts. You can now share and promote whatever product, service or opportunity with you newly create list. In addition, if your choose to upgrade you can earn an affiliate income. 

How create online web leads fast with LeadSkimmer?

The key to using LeadSkimmer is by using front end or the part that presents the system to the world and where you will start collecting leads. This is very simply because you are sharing a free automated prospecting system. Once you have taken your first three leads you become quality and start receiving free leads from others in your downline. I know it a bit involved, so click on the link below for more information, but believe me that the motivation to get the first three leads is high and in seems to be the same for everyone using this system. 


Can you really make money from LeadSkimmer?

Well, let me start from the point that work is required!

Will you me a millionaire? NO!

However, you may make a nice little packet from LeadSkimmer, which may subsidize your other projects as well as creating a warm leads list. To start making money you firstly need to qualify by enrolling three people and upgrade to a premium membership. At that point you can start earning a commission from anyone in your lead line or downline.

Is there some kind of comp plan with LeadSkimmer?

Because I am lazy and I would like to get through writing this LeadSkimmer review quickly, I will allow Geoff Stephen to explain the comp plan.

YouTube video

How much will you get paid as a premium member in LeadSkimmer?

Every time one of your lead line members becomes a premium member you will earn a one time payment of $25. The money is paid on a monthly basis between the 10-15th each month. You can get paid either by Paypal, direct deposit or Payza. If you do not upgrade to premium the commissions roll up to your enroller.

Why should I upgrade to premium?

As mentioned early, if you don’t upgrade you will not make any money from your lead line. Apart from the money their are other reasons.

Reasons to upgrade to premium

  • Instantly qualified to start building your own LeadLines
  • Earn commissions on your LeadLines and all “skimmed” leads from your referrals
  • Earn commission on any future backoffice purchases from your referrals
  • Link Tracking and Stats Reporting (know where your leads are coming from)
  • Integration with your GlobalNPN account to build leads and your downline!
  • FREE entry ads to display your “One-time” offer or any other product you’re promoting
  • Contact your LeadSkimmer leads and referrals from your backoffice
  • Over 135 MEGABYTES of downloadable, “re-brandable” PLR products!

Words you will need to know when you upgrade to premium

More detailed stats are forthcoming.

  • Qualifiers are leads generated by you that have been passed up to your sponsor. (you need 3 to qualify)
  • Leadlines are leads that you have personally generated after being qualified.
  • Leadline are leads that have been passed up TO you by your leadlines

The complete LeadSkimmer review upgrade options

There are two ways to upgrade your LeadSkimmer account and they are upgrade to premium or do a free Upgrade through GlobalNPN. Below I have lay out what that means for you.

First choice

If you choose to upgrade to premium, it will need to pay a one time payment of $44.95 for a lifetime membership and for that you will receive or qualify and be able to:

  • Start building your own Lead Line
  • Make money on your Lead Line
  • Get some leads for your lead line
  • Make money from future purchases from your lead line
  • Add tracking links
  • Read details stat reports
  • Join your account to GlobalNPN
  • Add free ads for promoting your affiliate or network marketing business
  • Get 135 Megabytes of downloadable products  

Second choice

The second option is to get a free upgrade through GlobalNPN

Yes, I know we haven’t really talked about GlobalNPN, but like LeadSkimmer,  GlobalNPN is a marketing system founded by the same person who owns LeadSkimmer, which is of course Geoff Stephen. Like LeadSkimmer,  GlobalNPN allows the user to own Autoresponder but also they have one they as a part of the package. 

I am not going to go into details with GlobalNPN, because this is a LeadSkimmer review and not a GlobalNPN review.

Conclusion to the LeadSkimmer Review

The expression comes to mind…. 

The money is in the list

And in the case of LeadSkimmer, it really is, because this system not only helps you to create leads it gives you an income.

However, to use the LeadSkimmer’s free lead generation tools effectively, the user need to understand a few simply tasks and that is:

  1. Generate enough leads for the simple to work
  2. Follow up with the leads you have found

So, to insure that you have the best chance of making money online keep it simple

If you do these two simply tasks of finding leads and following them up you will succeed and LeadSkimmer  will be there you 100%.

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