Don’t buy sales leads online in network marketing & here is why

Buy sales leads online

Lead generation for network marketing can be a challenge regardless if you are new to network marketing or a long term veteran, but does it have to be so difficult?

However we try to achieve success in network marketing, work is required and lots of it. Arguably network marketing is not the first choice for most looking to start a business from home, but in my opinion it should be.

But, why?

  1. Network marketing is a very affordable option for anyone on a budget.
  2. Those who can truly see the power in network marketing.

During conversations with other marketers they explain to me that the biggest dilemma is sharing their business and products with family and friends. The original marketing strategy for the network marketer in the past was to make a list of 200 people they knew without prejudging. Even if they may vaguely want to purchase your products or join your business. This strategy was fine when there was not an alternative apart from trying to buy sales leads. However, I feel that the world has gone by such a strategy allowing us to think far more out of the box. 

Today we have other ways of building a network marketing business. Since the development of the internet there are an infinite amount of strategies the network marketer can employ to make money and become successful.

Such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • SEO marketing

However, this doesn’t mean that some of the tried and tested methods of the past are not valid today. Even though the internet allows almost anyone to succeed, simply speaking to someone about your business and products still has its place and works well.


Why is building a network marketing business online so successful?

The reason that using online methods is so successful for the network marketer is because:

  • It keeps the cost to the minimum.
  • It allows for automated follow ups.
  • We can share our business and products to the world 24 / 7.
  • We can run our business from anywhere in the world remotely.

In the past outgoings would include newspaper advertising, travelling around your local area to speak to prospects and renting meeting rooms. This would take a substantial amount of money from any income your received from your business.  

In addition, the concept of being able to automate an network marketing business in the 1990’s would have been a pipe dream. As would the idea of working every hour god sends from a tropical island.

Today’s online strategy from home

Alternatively, an online strategy allows you to be working when everyone else in the industry has stopped to sleep, go to the shops or even travel. The ability to be able to automate your business is so empowering. Some friends of mine have tried to simply buy sales leads online hoping they will buy themselves too success have failed badly.

I would strongly caution against buying leads. The quality is not always, if ever good. It is better if you are able to generate qualified and targeted leads yourself. 

Lead generation for network marketing   

How does online lead generation for network marketing work? 

As mentioned there are a few methods available that work. However, the one I have found that gives the best results is a strategy that integrates multiple methods to create the ultimate strategy.

Such as

  • Using SEO methods
  • Blogging
  • Personal branding
  • Keyword planning methods
  • Using an autoreply service
  • Branding on social media
  • Sharing your content
  • SEO audit and reporting

This will allow you to correlate your leads generation system so your prospects clearly identify themselves with you and your business and product. 

When you buy sales leads online you are likely to get a broad spectrum of individuals. This means they may or may not be interested in what you have to offer. At the same time the cost could be expensive and frankly a waste of time.

Benefits of content marketing in network marketing

Methods such as content marketing allow the marketer to create written, visual or audio content that will attract the right audiences. For example, if your network marketing business is health and wellness related the best lead generating websites or blogs to create should be about the same topic. However, creating successful content entails making it interesting, informative as well as being well crafted. This means if you are writing a blog post, try to avoid spelling mistakes and bad grammar.

Of course, creating content requires a sense of creativity, meaning thinking of new ideas and subjects that will interest your readership. While at the same time optimized for the search engines using long tail keywords. However, more importantly prospects need to find your content. So, knowing how you will get your content in front of people’s eyes is going to be a priority.


How to learn online lead generation for network marketing

If you believe that you can learn an online network marketing strategy without help you could sadly be mistaking. If you have no knowledge or experience of working online, training and education is going to be vital. 

Many new to network marketing use social media to share their business and products with their social circle. The reason is because it’s an easy starting point and it is something they already know. The problem is, if you are sharing your business on your personal page you will soon annoy your social circle. Even though only a very few people you know will want to buy your products or join your business, alienating them will lose you friends fast. This is why I would suggest that even though using social media is a great place to start. Consider either creating another account for your business or create a business page or group within the platform. 

One of the biggest mistakes that a new marketer can make is jumping on Facebook. Then sharing their business and products wildly and then ending up being band for spamming.

Of course this article will not be able to cover all the ins and outs of online lead generation. The key to successfully running a network marketing business online is training and education. The reality is that there is no quick fix or short cut whatever method you use in network marketing. However, the advantages of taking the virtual path is that you are not reliant on anybody else. As long as you are creating content and prospects are viewing and reacting to it, success is all but guaranteed.


How to create the best lead generating websites and blogs for network marketing?

Unless you are a dynamic coder blogging will be your best choice. There are many free blog platforms available online, but I would suggest WordPress for its simplicity and availability. Most web hosting platforms will offer the WordPress blog platform for free and even install it for you.

When creating your first blog, make it visually pleasing, easy to navigate and offer attractive and interesting content. 

The goal should to to get return readers who will wait eagerly for your next post and then share it with others.

How much content is needed for a successful lead generating blog?

It really depends, but I try to do either one long article (2000 words) or two short ones (500-1000 words) a week. However, sometimes I will do a video or podcast or even a PDF related to the article. The fact is the time it takes to create an article is wrapped up in preparation. Once I have found the most optimized keywords, developed some ideas and then created some blog images, the writing time is relatively short.

Best lead generating websites

Lead generation for network marketing resources

There are a few eBooks available online but most discuss the philosophical aspects of working online in network marketing. I believe that most of us are looking for a practical guide that tells us how to build a network marketing business online. 

The best eBook on online lead generation for network marketing is by Steven Jackson. The eBook is called “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing” and it is a very practical guide on how to generate leads and be successful in your business.

The motivation for the eBook was to react to the unrealistic business building claims by many network marketing leaders. Even now I still hear the same mantra about creating a prospect list and speaking to their social circle.

The argument most leaders us is that their strategy can be duplicated, which may be true. However, the ability to duplicate a strategy that doesn’t work seems like a waste of time and engine. Furthermore, it doesn’t resolve the main issue of how to recruit and market your products outside our social circle. 


Regardless if you like or dislike the internet and it lead generating perpetuals. The internet is here to stand and it will be the only way to build a large warm leads list beyond your social circle. If you are planning to join any of the network marketing companies you need to be online. You need to be sharing your views and ideas with the millions on people online and not the few hundred people who live in your local area. 

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